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How Bangladesh Rank First In Cyber Security Index in South Asia

 Bangladesh ranks first in South Asia in Cyber ​​Security Index
How Bangladesh Rank First In Cyber Security Index in South Asia
How Bangladesh Rank First In Cyber Security Index in South Asia

Bangladesh has improved the Estonia-based e-Governance Academy's National Cyber ​​Security Index by 28 steps. Bangladesh became the first country among the SAARC countries to score 59.64. Bangladesh has moved up to the 36th position in the index, which is based on the cyber security and digital development status of 180 countries of the world. Bangladesh was ranked 75th in the December 2020 index.

Tariq M Barkatullah, Venture Director of BGD e-Gov Sart,  which works on the Cyber ​​Security of the Bangladesh Government, said that Bangladesh's capability in cyber security is increasing day by day, which is getting global acknowledgment. BGD e-Govt Shirt is working tirelessly in cyber security. Such recognition will encourage us to help counter cyber attacks and enhance Bangladesh's capabilities in cyber security.


The National Cyber ​​Security Index (NCSI) is created by evaluating activities in basic cyber attack prevention, readiness for digital episodes,  wrongdoing, and significant emergency the executives.

In the most recent file distributed on the NCSI site,  Greece is the best-ranked country with a score of 97.10. The Czech Republic is second and third with 92.21 points and Estonia with 90.91 points.

The United States is positioned eighteenth, while the United Kingdom is at 19th. Among the first 20 nations,  Singapore is the only representative of Asia at 16th, Sri Lanka ranks 69th and Pakistan rank at 70th. Japan is ranked 34th, China is at 73rd. India ranks 39th among the countries of this region.

How to schedule e-mail in Gmail

Schedule your e-mail in Gmail

 Someone has to send e-mails on certain days or at certain times for office work or personal reasons. In this case, if for some reason you take leave on a certain day or you are busy with some other work, then there is a problem.

Because it is not possible to send e-mail on that day. Gmail has the solution to that problem. Mail can be scheduled. Scheduling means that you can set in advance which mail will be sent on which day. But many people have no idea about this feature of Gmail.

If you schedule it, the mail will automatically go to the destination on the specified day and at the specified time. Get rid of the worry of forgetting. But to set this method you have to complete the whole process in several steps. Find out about him-

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How to schedule mail from Android and iPhone-

First, you have to go to compose mail and write complete mail. It can be opened from a browser or written using the Gmail app. Then, at that point, need to click on the three dots.  Clicking will open a down menu will show. The three-dot option can be seen next to the send option.

Subsequent to tapping on the three-speck, there will be a schedule send option. Click there. Then you have to select the day and time when the mail will be sent.


Subsequent to choosing the day and time, a button called Schedule Send will show. If you click there, the timetable will get complete 

Here's how to schedule from the desktop:

After composing mail in Gmail, a blue drop-down menu will show up. Which is right next to the send option. There you have to select the Schedule Send option. Then you have to select the day and time on which the mail will be sent and send the schedule.

Email does not mean privacy compromised


Email does not mean privacy compromised

Today is the era of email. Through this, you can send your message anywhere in a second. There are many 'features' for your message that no third one can read, by using which you can protect your privacy.

  These days, people are being victimized and cheated by 'hacking' in various ways through email, social networking, and other such means of communication. While there is a problem of cybersecurity on one side, another big problem is the privacy of our information. Many times privacy is violated by the service provider itself, whose service you use for being free. A few years ago the CEO of a big internet company said that it is meaningless to talk of privacy in the age of the internet. He further said that if you feel that some of your activities should not be known to others, then you should not do that activity.

  You are also worried about what happened. Every person has such countless things and things that he does not want to tell others and it is not that these are illegal activities. Everyone has the right to keep his address, income, illness, family, profit, loss, business secrets, and countless other information private. It is a little bit that if you use the Internet or use email, then you have the right to know everything about yourself, especially the companies that provide Internet services? It is in this context that the issue of privacy on email services becomes important. Some email services make an announcement in advance that they can use your data when creating an account. Unknowingly, most people accept this condition. But if you use email, then keep your data insecure, it is not necessary. Allow us to comprehend this with a model.

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Gmail is a very popular webmail service and also very powerful. The space users get here is also decent - 15 gigabytes. There is also a system for 'filtering' spam messages and 'mail search', 'labels', 'typing suggestions', and 'typing' feature in Indian languages. Gmail can be considered to be largely safe from the eyes of hackers, if you have used the necessary features, such as two-factor authentication. But Gmail has many drawbacks in terms of privacy and Google also uses your email box and data to show ads. Let us look at some options that protect your privacy -

People working on Windows must have created an account on Microsoft's platform at some time, such as,,,, etc. Hotmail is no longer there, it has been replaced by, whose name has been taken from Microsoft's email client software 'Outlook'. On Outlook too, you get 15 gigabytes of storage space, just like Gmail. Microsoft's policy is to protect your privacy. He does not scan email messages, nor read them and use them for some kind of automatic services. The ads will appear but will not be 'targeted', meaning that they will not have anything to do with what is written within your email messages or your activities. In Outlook, you can send 'Rich Email', that is, an email that looks like 'Word Documents'. In this, the text can be formatted in different sizes, font sizes, colors, etc. Photo viewer, immersive reader (read-aloud), the convenience of connecting to OneDrive or other cloud storage services, and encryption make it more useful.


It is an email service run from Germany, in which your entire mailbox is encrypted, that is, all the data in it is encrypted. The technique used to support forward secret is used here. This means that even if a hacker gets a break in the encryption of a mail message, only this one email message will be handled by him, that method will not work on the rest of the messages. Tutanota neither reads your messages monitors activities nor shows you 'targeted' advertisements. Messages sent through it do not include your IP address, so hackers will not be able to detect your location. Like Gmail, 'Two Factor Authentication is also present here. This means that the facility uses the 'one-time password' on the phone along with the password to log in. Here in the free version, you get only one GB of space. The address


You may be aware that a few months ago in Europe, a very stringent privacy law was enacted in the name of GDPR which applies to companies providing Internet services. Like Tutanota, Posted follows the GDPR rules. Incidentally, it is also a product of a German company. Posted uses encryption at several levels to ensure the security of your data. You can also use it while completely hiding your identity. Like Tutanota, this company also removes the IP address separately from your messages, so that no one can detect your location. It doesn't even keep track of your activities like many other email providers do. But one of its drawbacks is the absence of a spam folder. If an email message is suspected, it will be directly deleted or sent to you. The storage space here is -2 GB and the attachment size is limited to 50 MB. Although it is a 'paid service', the fee is very low - one euro per month. The address is

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Start mail:

This mail service operates as the biggest goal of privacy, so by creating an account here, you can be relaxed from that side. This service operated from the Netherlands was started by manufacturers of search engines called StartPages. Here your data is encrypted in the mail server instead of the browser which is a surety of privacy. The reason? The browser is opened on your computer so one can still break into it, but it is a difficult task to hack the server and steal the data. Start mail never reads your email and uses it for any purpose. It has ten gigabytes of storage space. Its trial version is also available and paid version. The attachment size limit is 25 megabytes. An interesting 'feature' is the temporary 'email address, which expires or becomes inactive after some time. This is a useful feature for those who want to send mail messages while saving their privacy. The address is -

Joho Mail:

The Joho Mail, which complies with Europe's GDPR privacy rules, has 'features' such as 'two-factor authentication, 'filters' and 'advanced search. All messages in Joho Mail are 'encrypted', the mail service providers do not read or scrutinize those messages. She claims that she does not share your information with advertisers. An important feature here is the presence of 'features' of collaboration, that is, technical facilities for more than one people if they want to work together. Under its Forever Free (always free) plan, every 'user' gets five GB 'space' and can send up to 25 megabytes of attachment.

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So what’s this secret that “gurus” are

hiding from you?


 A Three-word password gives protection

Three-word passwords are harder for hackers to break, say UK state technology experts.

The National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC), part of the UK's official communications headquarters, said in a blog post that passwords made up of three words are easy to remember. As well as creating an unusual combination of characters, online accounts ensure strong protection from cybercriminals. On the other hand, using more complex passwords is not very effective. Because hackers are able to understand the type of password through the use of special software.

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NCSC experts say that hackers' predictive tactics in hacking have led to an increase in the use of complex passwords through all means, including online. For example, the use of zero instead of the letter O or the use of exclamation marks instead of the number 1.

In the case of site or account hacking, hackers are allowed to read such patterns in their software. It also goes beyond any additional security level associated with that password.

According to the company, the use of such complexity in creating passwords makes hackers more convenient in hacking. In contrast, creating passwords using three different words is longer and easier to guess. The company also said that the hacking algorithm of the software could not be easily identified due to the combination of characters.


 Instagram makes it obligatory for all clients to share date of birth to utilize application; here's the reason

Eight months in the wake of declaring plans to make age confirmation compulsory, Instagram is driving clients to present their date of birth to utilize the application. With this new update, the application is attempting to confine its admittance to kids underneath the age of 13 years and utilize the data to all the more likely objective clients with advertisements.

Clients are grumbling that Instagram is showing a screen that is requesting that clients enter their date of birth and a client can't keep away from it. "Before you can keep utilizing Instagram, you want to give your birthday, regardless of whether this record is for something like a business or pet," the screen brief peruses. "This assists us with safeguarding more youthful individuals locally. We'll moreover use your birthday to help with redoing your experience, including ads. It will not be essential for your public profile."

A portion of the clients have likewise taken to Twitter and whined about Instagram's transition to strongly request their introduction to the world date.

The age confirmation highlight was discretionary when it began in 2019. Last year the Meta-upheld photograph sharing application made it obligatory to give date of birth subtleties through prompts to allow clients to fill in the data amidst taking a gander at the photographs and recordings in their feed or transferring new satisfied for their devotees. In any case, these prompts might have been avoided, up to this point.

Albeit youthful clients can sidestep limitations by giving their phony birth date subtleties, both Instagram — and Facebook — have man-made reasoning (AI) upheld frameworks to recognize the exact age of its clients, as through birthday wishes, or age utilized in applications connected to Facebook, and so on.

Last year Meta was viewed as chipping away at the children's variant of the Instagram application, to be called Instagram for youngsters to take care of developing interest from youthful clients and follow up serious areas of strength for on from government bodies including for expanding Instagram's utilization among kids. Be that as it may, the arrangement was dropped in September after support gatherings and specialists dissented. By and by, Meta has not yet totally rejected its arrangements for creating Instagram for Kids.

With the age limitations set up for the current rendition, it will assist Instagram with diverting its young crowd to the new application in the event that it is sent off sooner rather than later. According to a business viewpoint, Meta will create all the more promotion incomes by serving designated advertisements through age data from clients.

WhatsApp clients can now add up to 512 person to a group

 WhatsApp clients can now add up to 512 person to a group

Meta, last month, declared that WhatsApp would before long get the capacity to amount to 512 members in a gathering. Presently, the organization has at long last begun carrying out the component to clients.

WhatsApp, last month, reported another element for bunch visits that would empower bunch administrators to amount to 512 members to a gathering. Presently, the organization has at long last begun carrying out the element to every one of its clients around the world.

Remarkably, this change was first seen by WABetaInfo, which in a post noticed that soon after its declaration last month, the Meta-possessed had carried out the component to the beta variant of WhatsApp's Android, iOS, and Desktop-based applications. Presently, after a month, the organization has begun carrying out this element to every one of its clients across the globe.

To check in the event that you have gotten the usefulness to amount to 512 members in a gathering, attempt to make another gathering by tapping the New Group choice. The accompanying screen will show you a rundown of all your WhatsApp contacts who can be included the gathering. A similar screen will likewise show the complete number of members that can be added to the gathering. Assuming you see that you can amount to 512 individuals, it implies that you have gotten the update, if not, you can take a stab at refreshing the application to get the element.

To refresh WhatsApp on iOS, make a beeline for the App Store, search for WhatsApp and hit the update choice to get the element. You can involve a comparative stunt for Android telephones too. To get the element in WhatsApp's work area application, go to Microsoft Store, look for WhatsApp and afterward hit the update button.

It is quite important that the capacity to amount to 512 individuals to a gathering isn't the main component that WhatsApp has carried out to its foundation in the new time. The organization has likewise carried out elements like message responses, and the capacity to share a document up to 2GB in size at a time. Prior, WhatsApp clients could share documents up to 100MB in size.

What's more, the organization has likewise reported Communities, which as per the organization will empower individuals to unite separate gatherings under one umbrella with a design that works for them. This component is supposed to show up in the application soon.

WhatsApp Business might be able to detect the do not disturb mode

 WhatsApp Business for iOS could before long have the option to identify the do not distrub mode

This WhatsApp don't upset API for missed calls will initially carry out for WhatsApp for Business on iOS.

WhatsApp is purportedly wanting to present another Application Programming Interface (API) that can identify on the off chance that the Do Not Disturb include is actuated or not. According to a report by WABetaInfo, this element will be first carried out for the WhatsApp Business clients on the iOS stage.

WhatsApp could before long have the option to distinguish do not disturb mode

According to the report, it was spotted on WhatsApp beta for iOS on TestFlight that WhatsApp presently upholds another iOS 15 API. This API can identify whether the don't upset choice is empowered on the iPhone or not. It further shared the screen capture where it was uncovered the way that it will show up on the application.

The screen capture proposes that at whatever point you get a WhatsApp call and you miss the warning in light of the fact that the don't upset mode is empowered, you can now see a name before these calls. In the call history on WhatsApp, this name will show that you missed this call on the grounds that the don't upset mode was turned on.

The report adds that this data or the guest subtleties are not imparted to WhatsApp as it is just saved in the neighborhood data set of the application. To get this element, your iPhone should be running on basically iOS 15 since this is an iOS 15 API.

According to the report, "WhatsApp is supporting the new API this week." It is normal that the update will be delivered on the App Store soon which will permit different clients to get this usefulness.

WhatsApp is likewise expected to permit Business records to utilize cover photographs for their organization's profile while utilizing WhatsApp work area. This custom cover photograph will be very much like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This component was accounted for to be a work in progress for iOS clients, back in February this year. It opened up for a few beta analysers back in April and presently is probably going to carry out for WhatsApp Business for Android soon.

Effective method to get Rs 105 cashback by means of WhatsApp

 The most effective method to get Rs 105 cashback by means of WhatsApp: Step-by-step guide

Select WhatsApp clients are getting a cashback of Rs 35 on their next three UPI instalments on the stage.

WhatsApp pay has been around for some time now, yet the Meta-possessed informing stage has not tricked numerous to utilize the help. While trying to urge clients to utilize the WhatsApp Payments UPI stage, the organization is currently offering monstrous cashback on exchanges made by means of the stage. This base worth of cashback is Re 1.

WhatsApp has declared to give a sum of Rs 105 to clients on their next instalments. Clients will get Rs 35 cashback on their next three instalments. Eminently, WhatsApp has not set any base exchange an incentive for these exchanges. Clients can send as little as Re 1 will in any case get a cashback of Rs 35.

This WhatsApp instalment offer is a restricted time offer just and is accessible for select clients in India. This deal isn't for WhatsApp Business account holders.

Instructions to send cash on WhatsApp to get the cashback

To send cash to your loved ones through WhatsApp, follow these means:

Open the chat box of the concerned individual

Tap on the instalments choice in the base right corner

Select "Get started"> "Acknowledge and Continue"

Select your Bank from the rundown

Confirm your telephone number by tapping on the "Check" choice. Ensure that your WhatsApp number is equivalent to the one enlisted with your Bank

Once confirmed, add your bank and select the "Add" option>Continue

Since the bank has been added, enter the sum you need to send

Click on "Next"

Pick the instalment choice and enter the sum and confirm your UPI pin

When you enter the PIN, your instalment will be handled

You will be diverted to your WhatsApp visit, where the sum you have moved will reflect in the talk box

After this, the collector will get the said sum and your bank will get credited with Rs 35. You need to make three exchanges to get a sum of Rs 105.

WhatsApp will allow members to quiet or message during video calls

 WhatsApp will presently allow members to quiet or message explicit individuals during video calls

Members of a WhatsApp bunch video call can now quiet or message a particular individual on the call straightforwardly.

WhatsApp has presented a couple of updates for its video calling highlight. One of the significant features of these declarations is that members in the call can now quiet unambiguous individuals during the call, including the host, assuming they need. It was before brought up that the video calling highlight on WhatsApp coming up short on couple of functionalities.

WhatsApp refreshes its video calling highlight

According to a tweet by WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart, "A few new highlights for bunch approaches @WhatsApp You can now quiet or message explicit individuals on a call (extraordinary on the off chance that somebody neglects to quiet themselves!), and we've added a supportive pointer, so you can all the more effectively see when more individuals join enormous calls".

WhatsApp clients can now quiet loud individuals on a continuous video call and send private messages to explicit members straightforwardly from the call. Moreover, all members will likewise be told by a spring up when a renewed individual joins a continuous call. WhatsApp declared the new elements on Twitter.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, these highlights are being carried out for both Android and iOS clients.

For the unversed, WhatsApp currently likewise permits clients to amount to 32 individuals on a voice approach the application. On the off chance that you don't see these elements now, you will get them ultimately as it is being delivered in a staged way worldwide.

WhatsApp has likewise reported that now a client can amount to 512 members in a gathering talk.

WhatsApp might allow admins to limit to joins the group chats

 WhatsApp could before long permit administrators to restrict who joins the group visits

The new component called "Group Membership Approval" will be accessible for administrators in WhatsApp social environments, with which they will actually want to conclude who can join the visit.

WhatsApp has as of late reported a couple of new updates for its gathering video calls. Moreover, the Meta-claimed informing application is likewise expected to declare one significant usefulness for bunch visits on the stage. According to a report by WABetaInfo, bunch administrators on WhatsApp can now conclude who can join the gathering talk.

WhatsApp could present a Group Membership Approval include for administrators

As per the WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp bunch administrators will currently have another choice called "bunch participation endorsement" with which they can support who can join the gathering talk by means of the welcome connection. The administrator should dismiss or support the solicitation physically. Strikingly, the element is at present a work in progress.

The report further offers a screen capture that proposes each time a client gets endorsement to enter the gathering a spring up will show up in the gathering talk box. Administrators will supposedly get another segment inside the gathering where he/she can deal with the approaching solicitation. They will likewise get a notice each time they get an endorsement demand.

The report uncovers that bunch administrators will have a switch for this component in the social scenes. Furthermore, WhatsApp could likewise present new "sexually impartial emoticon" in the said forthcoming update. These emoticons incorporate different complexion human appearances with changed variety hair and facial hair.

WhatsApp had as of late declared that now clients can get up to 512 members.

For the unversed, WhatsApp clients can now quiet uproarious individuals on a continuous video call and send private messages to explicit members straightforwardly from the call. Moreover, all members will likewise be told by a spring up when a renewed individual joins a continuous call.

These updates are relevant for the two iOS and Android clients internationally.

WhatsApp: How to hide photograph, last seen from particular person.

 WhatsApp: How to conceal profile photograph, last seen from particular person.

This is the way you can conceal the last seen, profile photograph and about data from specific contacts on WhatsApp.

After a great deal of tales, WhatsApp currently at last allows clients to conceal their Profile Photo, Last Seen and About from explicit individuals on their contact list. This security setting was at that point accessible in the beta rendition for quite a while. WhatsApp has now reported that it is currently carrying out for all iOS and Android clients internationally.

As of recently, clients had three security choices: everybody, my contacts and no one. They will presently see an extra choice called "My contacts aside from… ". By tapping on this choice, clients should pick the particular contacts that whom they need to stow away their subtleties from. Eminently, in the event that you decide to stow away your "Last Seen" from reaches, you can not consider their last seen status to be well.

This choice can be gotten to from the security area in the record settings.

The most effective method to conceal profile photograph, last seen from explicit individuals on WhatsApp

To conceal your profile photograph, last seen and About data from specific individuals, you should simply open WhatsApp. Go to the Settings> Account> Privacy menu. This system can be followed on iPhone and Android. Along these lines, you can pick who you need to reject from your contacts and hold them back from survey their subtleties.

The "My Contacts aside from" choice was accessible for Status, Read Receipts and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

For the unversed, WhatsApp has presented a couple of updates for its video calling highlight. One of the significant features of these declarations is that members in the call can now quiet unambiguous individuals during the call, including the host, assuming they need. These updates were reported by WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart.

WhatsApp gets the capacity to message, quiet individual clients in a GROUP CALL

 WhatsApp gets the capacity to message, quiet individual clients in a GROUP CALL

WhatsApp is likewise making it simpler for clients to decide whether another client has joined a group call.

WhatsApp has carried out a lot of new elements on to its foundation. These new highlights settle on collective choices a tiny bit more simpler and swifter. WhatsApp head, Will Cathcart in a post on Twitter said that clients of the informing application can quiet and message individual clients when a group call is going on.

These elements will be especially valuable for quieting individuals in a group who neglect to do it without anyone's help, which gives different individuals access a group understand what's happening behind the scenes of their homes or workplaces. It would likewise be useful in the situations when a few clients in a group call are in a similar room and have neglected to quiet themselves, which thusly makes a reverberation during a group call. Aside from assisting clients in a group with calling, these new elements will bring WhatsApp calls nearer to conferencing applications that give clients more unique command over their calls.

Utilizing this 'quiet or message explicit individuals' highlight in WhatsApp is genuinely straightforward. You should simply lengthy press the tile of the individual you need to message or quiet in a group call and tap the one of the two choices — Message [name of the user] or Mute [name of the user].

"A few new elements for bunch approaches @WhatsApp: You can now quiet or message explicit individuals on a call (extraordinary on the off chance that somebody neglects to quiet themselves!), and we've added a supportive marker so you can all the more effectively see when more individuals join huge calls," WhatsApp manager wrote in the post.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is likewise making it more straightforward for individuals in a group call to recognize when another client has joined a gathering call. In a different post, WhatsApp said that now, it will show a flag when another person will join a group call.

Eminently, these elements come only days after WhatsApp carried out the capacity to choose who from clients' contact records can see their Profile Photos, About data, and Last Seen situations with.

Tips for typing upside down on WhatsApp

The way you can type upside down on WhatsApp

The cycle to send WhatsApp message in this arrangement is very basic whenever you've downloaded the flip message application

WhatsApp is a texting application that has heaps of elements. While you can evaluate different textual style styles and organizations while composing messages, you might've never attempted this element where you can flip the message totally making it seem to be a perfect representation of your desired message to send.

Frankly, there's not a glaringly obvious explanation for why somebody would need to flip their composed text on WhatsApp yet where's the fun in all the reasonableness. Indeed, it can turn into a code to stow away the text from being perused in a flash. Yet, aside from that, it's simply tomfoolery and snickers.

Instructions to type upside down  on WhatsApp and different applications

Just honestly, this strategy requires downloading an outsider application. Be that as it may, involving it for WhatsApp, Telegram and essentially some other application is exceptionally straightforward and fundamental. The interaction is very straightforward whenever you've downloaded the flip text application. Here are the means you'll have to follow:

To start with, go to Play Store and search for Upside Down (Flip Text). There will be numerous choices yet we attempted the one whose creator is 'vndnguyen'

When downloaded, simply open the application. It will provoke you to download the most recent adaptation. You can simply tap on 'alright'.

When that's what you do, you'll see that the screen is partitioned into two sections

Tap on the principal segment and compose the message you need to be sent upside down .

Then, at that point, assuming you tap on the lower area after you've composed the message, you'll see the modified message. It won't be a perfect representation however it will be totally rearranged.

Whenever you are finished with the total message, you will see two choices at the lower part of the screen, which are 'Clear' or 'Duplicate'

You simply have to duplicate the text and afterward glue it into whichever application you need, including WhatsApp, Telegram, or even Gmail.


 Step by step instructions to record WhatsApp voice approaches Android and iPhone

On the off chance that you are somebody who favour's settling on WhatsApp decisions and need to record them, the following are a couple of ways that you can do as such on your Android telephone or an iPhone.

WhatsApp calls are all around as famous as ordinary cell calls today. Envision you are messaging somebody on WhatsApp and at whatever point you need to change to a call, you are only a tap away. It is certainly simpler than exploring to the dialler applications and looking for the contact to have the option to call them, however WhatsApp doesn't allow you to record calls as effectively as normal cell calls. While you have specific choices to record customary calls, recording WhatsApp calls requires a little exertion. Fret not, we have you covered.

By following a couple of straightforward advances, you can record your WhatsApp voice calls. Notwithstanding, a heads up before you proceed. Since recording calls without the assent of the other party isn't suggested — and is unlawful in certain nations, you are encouraged to cease from recording calls without illuminating or looking for authorization from the individual associated with the recording.

Instructions to record WhatsApp approaches Android

Assuming you have an Android telephone, recording WhatsApp calls is straightforward and doesn't expect you to follow many advances. An application called Call Recorder: Cube ACR permits you to record voice approaches WhatsApp and save the documents to your telephone's stockpiling. In any case, the recording highlight for WhatsApp calls doesn't deal with all Android telephones. You don't have to ponder which on the grounds that the help page of the application records every one of the viable telephones. Whenever you have guaranteed, you have a viable telephone, follow these means.

— Look for Cube ACR on the Google Play Store and introduce it on your telephone

— Open the application and leave it running behind the scenes

— Open WhatsApp and settle on a voice decision to a contact

— Block ACR will naturally begin recording your calls

— In the event that the recording doesn't begin naturally, you can open the Cube ACR application and pick the "Power VoiP call as a voice call" choice

— Presently settle on a WhatsApp decision once more

Instructions to record WhatsApp approaches iPhone

Recording a call isn't locally upheld on the iPhone. You can't record your customary cell call, not to mention a WhatsApp call. There are a couple applications that let you record calls, yet they can't work productively in light of severe limitations on the working of the Phone application. In any case, there is as yet a method for doing that. It is only this strategy is precarious and needs a Mac stringently. This is the way to record calls.

— Associate your iPhone to your Mac utilizing the link and Tap on the "Trust this PC" choice that shows up on your iPhone

— On your Mac, press CMD + Spacebar to send off Spotlight and quest for QuickTime Player

— Explore to the File choice and pick "New Audio Recording"

— Pick iPhone as a choice and snap the record button in the application

— Presently, settle on a WhatsApp decision utilizing your iPhone to a contact

— Whenever you are finished with your visit, detach the call and hit the quit keep button in QuickTime

— You can save the document to your Mac

How to find out yours lawful name for UPI payments in WatsApp

 WhatsApp will currently involve your 'lawful name' for UPI payments: How to figure out yours

Up till now, WhatsApp clients could essentially enter any name of their decision of up to 25 characters, even emoticons. However, this will change now.

WhatsApp will currently ask clients for their 'lawful' names to continue with UPI-put together instalments with respect to the stage. These 'lawful' names are the names related with the clients' financial balances. They can be not quite the same as the profile names and will be shown to the collector. This change comes after the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) rules were set by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to take action against instalment cheats.

WhatsApp UPI instalments currently require 'lawful names'

WhatsApp has formally affirmed similar on its site. According to the assertion, "This prerequisite is set by NPCI and intended to alleviate misrepresentation across the UPI instalments framework. WhatsApp utilizes the telephone number related with your record to recognize your ledger through UPI. The name related with your ledger is the name that will be shared."

This change is appropriate to the two iOS and Android clients.

As of recently, WhatsApp clients could add the name of the source without help from anyone else which could incorporate up to 25 characters, even emoticons. In any case, presently, it is compulsory for all clients to give the legitimate name which is on their UPI connected financial balance to make the instalment.

To illuminate clients about this update, WhatsApp has begun conveying notices in the application that contains a connection to a FAQ page that teaches clients about the lawful name necessity.

For some clients, clients can find the FAQ page under Settings>Help Center>About UPI Payments and lawful name

For the unversed, WhatsApp doesn't expect you to have a computerized wallet to make instalments or get cash on the stage. The informing application utilizes Unified Payments Interface (UPI), the very framework that Google Pay, Phone Pay, BHIM and different bank applications use. WhatsApp clients might make instalments through other applications, for example, BHIM, Google Pay or Phone Pay.

How you can stop your WhatsApp chat being secretly read? Take this steps

 Your WhatsApp visit being secretly? This is the way to keep a tab and make a move

You can utilize WhatsApp on Web, Desktop, and different gadgets by connecting them to your telephone.

Texting application WhatsApp permits client to interface four gadgets immediately without the need to keep your telephone associated. You can have each telephone connected in turn.

You can utilize WhatsApp on Web, Desktop, and different gadgets by connecting them to your telephone. You can utilize something like four connected gadgets and each telephone in turn. Your telephone doesn't have to remain online to utilize WhatsApp on connected gadgets, yet your connected gadgets will be logged out on the off chance that you don't involve your telephone for more than 14 days.

However the office could appear to facilitate your sign in endeavours, something significant to note is that your talks and messages could be presented to other people assuming you are sharing the gadget.

To dispose of the danger to your security, assuming you imagine that you have signed on to a few gadgets on WhatsApp and you need to log out of it, here is the cycle you want to follow:

* You can log out of WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop from your telephone, PC, or Portal gadget.

* WhatsApp Log out from your PC or Portal

*  Open WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop.

* Click Menu over your visits list > Log out.

* WhatsApp Log out from your telephone

* Open WhatsApp on your telephone.

* Android: Tap More choices > Linked Devices.

* iPhone: Go to WhatsApp Settings > tap Linked Devices.

Tap a gadget.


WhatsApp right now doesn't uphold these highlights

1. Clearing or erasing talks on connected gadgets assuming your essential gadget is an iPhone.

2. Informing or calling somebody who is utilizing an exceptionally old variant of WhatsApp on their telephone.

3. Seeing live area on connected gadgets.

4. Making and survey broadcast records on connected gadgets.

5. Sending messages with interface reviews from WhatsApp Web.


 Need to for all time conceal WhatsApp talks? This is the way to make it happen

You can keep WhatsApp visits concealed however long you like utilizing this capability.

You can chronicle any of your WhatsApp talks to keep them stowed away endlessly. Regardless of whether new messages show up, they will be covered up. Ordinarily, such discussions are saved in WhatsApp's letter drop, where they are pointless to us. You can keep WhatsApp visits concealed however long you like utilizing this capability.

This is the way to conceal visit:

Stage 1: Open WhatsApp and pick the discussion you wish to save.

Stage 2: Three choices will be shown previously. Pin, suppress, and file. Select the Archive choice.

Stage 3: The Archive segment will be displayed at the highest point of your talk stream. You can continuously go to the segment and access your mystery visits.

Stage 4: Users can unarchive a talk by picking it and afterward tapping the Unarchive button.

Stage 5: Go to the Chats page assuming you wish to file the talks in general.

Step6: Go to Settings by tapping More.

Step7: Select Chats.

Step8: Go to the Chat History page.

Step9: Now, chronicle your talks as a whole.

The most effective method to bring back talk:

Above all else, begin WhatsApp.

Look over the entire way to the lower part of the Chats screen.

You will see the choice Archived here. Tap it to actuate it.

Long-press the visit and afterward tap the Unarchive symbol.

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Amazing, WhatsApp new feature update, Now call more than 20

Amazing, WhatsApp new feature update, Now call more than 20
WhatsApp new feature update

Know how you can call more than 20 contacts at the same time

With the new group call feature, WhatsApp will be in line with the other video calling platforms, including Zoom and Skype.

Conference calls are not just fun but also necessary to improve communication. As most people have shifted to work from home mode, it is crucial to remain up to date with the technological advancements. Recently, messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced some updates that help users to extend group calls to 32 contacts.

The latest feature is being released for all the Android and iOS users. To use this feature, you have to update the WhatsApp app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In case you don’t spot the update, you may have to wait a little longer as the feature is likely to be released in a phased manner.

The Meta-owned instant messaging platform has introduced a range of new features since the pandemic hit. It updated the calling feature from four to eight members earlier and has now extended the calling feature to 32 contacts.

With the new group call feature, WhatsApp will be in line with the other video calling platforms, including Zoom and Skype. The new calling feature is a welcome news for millions of WhatsApp users who use the messaging platform rigorously.

It is essential to take note of that the calling highlight is right now just accessible for voice calls and not for video calls

Here’s how you can call more than 20 contacts on WhatsApp

Update the app from the Google Play store or the Apple App store. Open the WhatsApp application now.

Select a group on WhatsApp

Click on the group call option if your group chat has 33 or more participants

Assuming you have at least 33 members in your gathering talk, click on the gathering call choice

Let us tell you that only the first seven users who answer the call will be able to join. You will be able to add other participants too.


Know How data sent to Whatsapp will get deleted

Be careful: Cyber ​​attacks are expanding under the front of Corona


Be careful: Cyber ​​attacks are expanding under the front of Corona 

The world is going through an emergency due to covid. Most organizations are working on the web, computerized exchanges have likewise expanded. Cyber ​​thugs are adopting new tricks and making people their victims

Most of the countries of the world including India are in lockdown due to the global epidemic of Covid. In this situation, most companies are getting their employees working from home and others are also working online from home. Due to this, internet usage and digital and online transactions have increased, but at the same time, the risk of cyber-attacks has also increased. Several incidents of cyber attacks have come to light in the guise of the Corona crisis. Hackers are targeting government institutions, from hospitals to companies, and making a dent in their data.

When the Chinese virus infection spread in the country, serious challenges were posed for the health and economic security of millions of people. For this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the creation of a Civil Assistance and Emergency Relief Fund. In the government's fight against the deadly virus, any citizen of the country can contribute financially to this fund. But cyber officers also made it a means of cheating people. Cyber ​​thugs tried to extort money from people by creating a fake UPI ID of the Prime Minister's Relief Fund. Through this fake ID, people were being prompted for online transactions to deal with the corona epidemic. Later it was found out that it was a fake account. It was then immediately blocked In reality, the excellent ID of the Prime Minister's Relief Fund is PM Cares. But the cyber thugs made a slight alteration in this ID and created a fake ID called PM Care @ SBI. Later, the country's largest bank SBI, and National Payment Corporation of India complained against it to the police and immediately stopped this fake ID. The cyber branch of Delhi Police has registered an FIR in the case.

Cyber ​​gangs at work in Maharashtra

Similarly, in Maharashtra, cyber gangs are trying to cheat people. According to the cybercrime branch of Maharashtra, the thugs are sending a link on people's mobiles and emails showing how to protect against Corona. By clicking on this link, information related to people's bank accounts reaches the cyber thugs. Thusly, for the sake of Corona infection, digital hooligans are tidying up individuals' very own information, yet additionally ledgers. Therefore, be cautious if you get any information related to coronavirus, any emails, and messages related to it. Such cases are continuously increasing, so the Maharashtra Cyber ​​Branch has alerted people about this.

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In fact, not only in India, there are increasing threats to cybersecurity all over the world. One big reason for this is that not only are the elements of cyber burglar difficult to identify, they are also difficult to access. Burglary through Internet viruses or hacking is a crime in which the criminal is usually away from the scene. In some cases, he is in another country and much of the time his character isn't uncovered. It is true that cybersecurity awareness has increased in India, but that cannot be said enough. The mechanism, which should have been built by now to streamline cybersecurity, has not been done. Several institutions have been created to strengthen cybersecurity, but the lack of expected synergy between them is still visible.

As of late, there was information on digital assault on the US Department of Health and Human Services. According to a 'Bloomberg' report, the hackers had done hacking to spread rumors related to the Coronavirus. As soon as the news of the hacking was received, the National Security Council of America immediately got into action and handled the matter, and gave an explanation in a tweet. US officials found that the Health Department servers had been infiltrated and false information about the coronavirus was circulating. The team then tried to stop it. According to media reports, it was also said that this hacking was done to slow down the department's system.

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More than 10,000 cyber attacks have been carried out in the last three months in India. At the same time, there were 6,000 cyber-attack attempts in Australia and about 5,000 in Indonesia. In the Czech Republic, a digital assault has been done focusing on hands down the biggest lab of crown examination. Programmers send letters for the sake of a bank, NGO, or World Health Organization so that there is no uncertainty. Apart from this, people also use such language that people click the link sent in the mail of fear or curiosity. As indicated by digital specialists, the infection gets 'downloaded' to the portable when the Internet client clicks any message related to the Covid, permitting programmers admittance to the information contained in the mobile. After this, the hacker can easily break into the bank account connected to the digital money account.

How to avoid cyber fraud

Calling the coronavirus deadly, cyber thugs are tricking people by sending fake web pages, emails, social media platforms, and messages to phones and then making their way to their bank accounts. In some cases, cheating is done by asking for donations in the name of treatment. Apart from this, the thugs are claiming themselves as employees of the health department and are getting personal details from the people. According to cyber experts, neither open nor answer such suspicious web pages and emails. While doing any work online, secure your email, social media account, and bank accounts with hard passwords. This will raise programmers to have ruckus getting to your record. Also, keep updating computers or laptops and anti-viruses. Apart from this, tell your family, especially children, about the prevention of cybercrime. Before donating to any organization online, examine it thoroughly. Do not share your bank, social media account or email, or any other account information with anyone. Such fraud can be prevented only by being careful.


Do you have these best antivirus apps?

 Do you have these best antivirus apps? 

Do you have these best antivirus apps?
Do you have these best antivirus apps?

If your mobile phone is not safe, then there is a risk of a virus attack in it. Also, someone can steal important data from your mobile, so it is important to always protect your mobile from anti-virus and anti-malware. Let us know which are the Best Antivirus Apps.

This is the lightest weight app ever. It has in-the-cloud scanning technology, due to which superfast scanning takes place.

- It does not drains the battery of your mobile, due to which it runs for years.

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Malwarebytes Anti Malware

- This is not a new name for computer users. Like computers, it is proving to be very effective in Android phones too.

- Provides real-time protection by scanning the mobile through antivirus, antimalware and antispyware.- Protects your important and personal data from theft while downloading any app or photo.

With its help, online surfing becomes easy, because it alerts you by sending alerts when it comes in contact with any kind of malware or unnecessary program.

- Many of your apps are aware of your important data and contacts. In such a situation, no app can take advantage of that information, for this, it keeps tracking all the apps.

- Keeps the protection database updated automatically.

- Saves the mobile from slow or hanging by cleaning the usage history and unnecessary files.

Norton Security and Antivirus

- Scans and eliminates viruses/malware that damages your mobile.

It locks your mobile as soon as you remove the SIM card so that no one can misuse it.

- Block non-urgent phone calls and messages.

- Fraud prevents the misuse of your important data by websites.

- When the mobile battery is low, it saves its location immediately.

Note: Apart from this, there are many mobile security and antivirus apps like Avast, AVG, Avira Antivirus Security, ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus, AVL, etc., by installing which you can protect your mobile from every threat.

In the field of antivirus apps, this app has maintained its number 1 position continuously for the last several years.

- It has the capability of multi-layer protection. It scans the new apps as well as scans the installed system files and warns you of any kind of danger.

- Sends you notifications by blocking unsafe websites while surfing online.

- Like other applications, it works like deleting unnecessary junk files and as a memory booster.

– It can be used for both tablets and mobile phones.

With the app lock, you can lock your chat histories, private messages, photos, and gallery. If someone tries to unlock the mobile, then this app informs you by clicking its photo that this person tried to unlock your mobile.- To save your favorite photos from any kind of disturbance in Mobile, you can keep a backup of them.

Through this app, where you can find out if the phone is stolen through Find Phone (Anti Theft), you can turn on an automatic scan through a scheduled scan. There is also a facility for call blocking.

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360 Security

– It is one of the most popular antivirus apps.

- So far more than 100 million people have downloaded and used it.

It has many features like Junk File Cleaner, Memory Booster, Power Saving Option, App Management, Anti Theft Tools. whatever apps you want

When downloading, they give information about whether your mobile is safe or not.

- Scans all your apps and signals you for any kind of threat.

The most important thing about this app is App Lock. With App Lock, you can lock all your apps or selected apps so that others do not interfere with your privacy.

- To save your favorite photos from any kind of disturbance in Mobile, you can keep a backup of them.

- Through this app, where the phone can be detected through a stolen phone (anti-theft), you can turn on an automatic scan through the scheduled scan. There is also a facility for call blocking.

 360 Security

– It is one of the most popular antivirus apps.

- So far more than 100 million people have downloaded and used it.

- It has many features like junk file cleaner, memory booster, power saving option, app management, anti-theft tools. Whatever apps you

When you download, it gives information about whether your mobile is safe or not.

- Scans all your apps and signals you for any kind of threat.

The most important thing about this app is App Lock. With AppLock, you can keep all your apps or selected apps locked so that others can't intrude on your privacy.

- Improves mobile performance by saving battery through memory cleanup.

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Tax Will Be Imposed On Ordering Food From January 1,Know Here

If you are ordering food online then this is important news for you.  
Tax Will Be Imposed On Ordering Food  From January 1,Know Here
Tax Will Be Imposed On Ordering Food  From January 1,Know Here

In reality, customers requesting food from the application ought to know that the focal government has forced a 5 percent charge on food conveyance applications like Zomato and Swiggy. What will happen, this new rule will be effective from January 1, 2022.

According to the instructions of the Union Finance Ministry, app companies will not get the facility of input tax credit like restaurants. 

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We would also like to inform you that the demand to bring the food supply app service under GST has been going on for several days. Which was endorsed in the gathering of the GST Council on 17 September.

The new system is being implemented across the country from January 1, 2022.

What will be the impact on the customer?

Note that the 5 percent tax levied legally on the app will not directly affect the consumers as the government will levy this tax from the food supply app. However, the food supply app is likely to impose some form of 5 percent tax on consumers. 


In such a circumstance, requesting food online from January 1 can become costly. Allow us to let you know that till now the café needed to pay a 5% assessment on requesting food from the application, which has been eliminated and carried out on the application.

Apps that order food from restaurants registered and unregistered under GST will be taxed. The greatest benefit of this is that the internet-based food conveyance application will take food orders from eateries enrolled under GST.

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Know How To Transfer Money Without Using Internet On Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, UPI

 Digital transactions, such as UPI payments or wallet payments, usually require a stable Internet connection.
Know How To Transfer Money Without Using Internet On Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, UPI
Know How To Transfer Money Without Using Internet On Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, UPI 

However, people can still transact through Paytm, Google Pay, BharatPe, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, Airtel Payment without internet and smartphone Banks and others 

Non-internet users who do not have a smartphone can also make UPI payments for transactions on multiple platforms.

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For this they have to dial '*99#', also known as USSD service. This service has been launched in India for all those mobile users who do not have a smartphone.

In November 2021, nearly four years before the launch of the UPI network by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

As of August 2016, NPCI has coordinated two advanced installment techniques (UPI and *99#), through which clients can send and get cash utilizing UPI ID or Rupee payment address.

How to use *99# in your mobile:

To create a UPI account, you have to first register yourself in the BHIM app and then register.

Enter your correct phone number linked to the bank account.

Open the dial cushion on your cell phone and type '*99#'. This will take you to a new menu with seven options like 'My Profile' and 'Send'.

'Money', 'Receive Money', 'Pending Request', 'Check Outstanding', 'UPI PIN' and 'Transaction'.

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Next, select the 'Send Money' option by clicking on the number 1 in the text area on your dial pad. You are the only one you can send money using

Bank account number, UPI ID and IFSC code or phone number. Select the option of your choice.

If you select UPI, you will have to enter the UPI ID of the beneficiary, which you will need to enter when you select the Phone number option.

Portable number of the individual to whom you are sending cash. If you select the Bank Account option, you will have to enter the 11 digit IFSC code and

Recipient's bank account number.

Next, just like any other digital transaction platform like Google Pay, enter the amount you want to transfer to another person through Paytm.

In the last advance, enter your UPI PIN number. Select 'Send' to complete the transaction. Upon transfer, you will receive a confirmation

Your phone with reference ID. You will then, at that point, be approached to save the beneficiary as a recipient for future exchanges. There is a fee for using the service

A nominal fee of Rs 0.50 from you

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