Tuesday, January 11, 2022

How Bangladesh Rank First In Cyber Security Index in South Asia

 Bangladesh ranks first in South Asia in Cyber ​​Security Index
How Bangladesh Rank First In Cyber Security Index in South Asia
How Bangladesh Rank First In Cyber Security Index in South Asia

Bangladesh has improved the Estonia-based e-Governance Academy's National Cyber ​​Security Index by 28 steps. Bangladesh became the first country among the SAARC countries to score 59.64. Bangladesh has moved up to the 36th position in the index, which is based on the cyber security and digital development status of 180 countries of the world. Bangladesh was ranked 75th in the December 2020 index.

Tariq M Barkatullah, Venture Director of BGD e-Gov Sart,  which works on the Cyber ​​Security of the Bangladesh Government, said that Bangladesh's capability in cyber security is increasing day by day, which is getting global acknowledgment. BGD e-Govt Shirt is working tirelessly in cyber security. Such recognition will encourage us to help counter cyber attacks and enhance Bangladesh's capabilities in cyber security.


The National Cyber ​​Security Index (NCSI) is created by evaluating activities in basic cyber attack prevention, readiness for digital episodes,  wrongdoing, and significant emergency the executives.

In the most recent file distributed on the NCSI site,  Greece is the best-ranked country with a score of 97.10. The Czech Republic is second and third with 92.21 points and Estonia with 90.91 points.

The United States is positioned eighteenth, while the United Kingdom is at 19th. Among the first 20 nations,  Singapore is the only representative of Asia at 16th, Sri Lanka ranks 69th and Pakistan rank at 70th. Japan is ranked 34th, China is at 73rd. India ranks 39th among the countries of this region.


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