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Search Engine Optimization: Applicable to whom

 Search Engine Optimization: Applicable to whom
Search Engine Optimization: Applicable to whom
 Search Engine Optimization: Applicable to whom

This will apply to you if you own a website or work as an SEO specialist in an organization. Here you will get all the important solutions regarding SEO. Search engine optimization is vital in the present time. 

Search engines help users find your website's content. Your website content is great but if the user can't find it then it's of no value. Although the tasks of SEO seem small, it has a huge impact.

Is your site on Google?

If you type the home URL of your site in Google, then your site is being indexed. To see how many links Google has indexed to your site, type site: some news. tv. There may be no link to your site in the Google Store. Although there are billions of links indexed in the Google Store. If your site is new or has no links to other sites on the web or the codes are not well organized.

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How to find your site on Google?

Google is the largest automated search engine in the world. Google will index your site for free. In the event that you don't present your site, Google will in any case list your site, However, if you Google bot DSLU your site, it will not be indexed. Google's web crawler penetrates the veins of the web. So if Google somehow finds your site, it will index it. On account of another site, if you submit a site map, the indexing is done quickly.

Tell Google not to index any pages If you do not want a specific page on your website to be indexed, you must notify Google using the Robot.txt file, and Google will not index your information. However, even if you use a robots.txt file, the best way for a user to find your pastry is to ensure that no user can see your secret file in any way. You can set a password so that you do not see information on this page without this password or you can do so by using an index file.

Create unique precise page title:

Title tags give Google and users an idea of ​​your site's information. The title tag should be placed in the middle of the HTML file at the top of the document. Use unique headings for each page of your site.

Beautiful title and gist

Google search always shows the title snippet. Seeing this, the user decides whether to click or not. So the title and excerpt should be beautiful and neat. The title and snippet must match the content of the page.


Description meta-tag

All search engines including Google understand the content of your page by looking at the meta description. It is better to have 50/60 characters in the page title. It is better to have 157 characters in the meta description.

Importance of meta description tag

Google may provide your page to users by viewing the meta description tag. When a user writes a query on Google, if it's in the meta description of your page, it's more important to give it to the user. That's why it's important to have a summary of the site content in the meta description.

Top Tags / H1 / H2 Tags:

Search engines understand the importance of text on a page by using title tags. So it is better that you use H1/H2 tag.

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Structural Data:

It is important to use structural data on web pages. Search engine bots get clear information about the content of web pages with the help of structural data.

If these things are followed properly then the content of your site will be in a good position in Google search.

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