Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Online Games is Like "Electronic Drugs"

 Online Games 'Electronic Drugs'
Online Games is Like "Electronic Drugs"
Online Games is Like "Electronic Drugs"

China's state-run media has called online-based games "electronic drugs." Meanwhile, the local administration has warned Tencent, a nearby gaming organization in China. . Soon after, shares of two of the country's largest gaming companies, including Tencent, fell.

China's state-run Xinhua news agency recently reported that online games were being used as electronic drugs. It was later published in another Chinese government-controlled media, the Economic Information Daily.

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Following the news, shares of Tencent and Netiz fell as much as 10 percent. Tencent, which is noted in Hong Kong, the main area of China, and the United States, lost ground.

As per a report in the Economic Information Daily. Chinese children and teenagers spend more than six hours a day playing games called "Honor of Kings" owned by Tencent. The subject is like drugs.


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