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BEST Free software is VERY useful


BEST Free software is VERY useful

There is much such software available for mobile and computer which are available free of charge. Often people assume that this software is not as effective and useful, but this assumption is not correct. how? let's watch

Many people understand that Windows and Office come with computers. That is, they are part of the computer things considered it isn't cared for that by any means. A computer is hardware that companies make, while Windows and Office are software developed by Microsoft. Windows and Office have to be inserted separately into the computer. Windows already exists with many computers because the computer maker and Microsoft have entered into a commercial contract for it. This is done for the convenience of the user so that he can get Windows at a low cost along with the computer. Windows is an operating system (a type of software) that deals with the operation of the hardware of the computer and the software working within it. Yet, Windows isn't the lone working framework. Apple Mac OS and Linux are two other popular operating systems. They also do the same thing that Windows does.

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Free and open-source software

Linux is an open-source operating system with many versions also available for free, such as Ubuntu and Debian. If you do not want to buy an operating system, then you can use such a free operating system. Open source means that the source code of that software is also publicly available and if a person is proficient in technology, he can also make changes to this code as required. Along with the operating system, the office suite also has such options which are open source and free. Among these, the names Apache Open Office, LibreOffice, Polaris, and WPS Office are notable. These suites include much software through which you will be able to do most of your personal and office work. They can be downloaded and installed by searching from the Internet.

If there is talk of free software, then know that free software is available to handle most of the categories. Avast and AVG are two good antivirus software with free versions also available and are quite effective. If you are looking for an alternative to Photoshop, you can try GIMP (GIMP) and KritaƔ. If the software is required for work like papermaking in the field of media, you can use Scribus or LibreOffice Draw instead of pirated software. This software can be used as an alternative to Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, etc.


E-books have brought a revolution for both writers and readers. After the release of books in electronic format, authors find new readers beyond geographical boundaries that were probably not possible for printed books. Readers can easily get good books at relatively cheaper rates, which they had to face a lot of trouble to reach earlier. Amazon and Flipkart are good destinations for e-books in India, but if you want, you can also download many e-books for free. Some of the locations are named Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, and OpenLibrary.

If you are an author and you have a book to be published, then you should also try its e-book option. Remember, today it is easier to sell an electronic version of an e-book than it is in a printed book. Such books can also be sold through online mediums. Creating e-books is no longer a difficult task, and the good software used to design original books also allows them to be converted into e-books, such as Adobe InDesign. After e-book these days, audiobooks are also going on. This option can also be tried. When after a single work, it can be delivered to people in different forms, then why are you denied these opportunities just because of ignorance? Readers who are interested in audiobooks can try Amazon, Audible, or Google Audiobooks.


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Save phone number

Now a short, but necessary information. There is hardly any mobile phone holder with whom this has not happened. All the telephone numbers you have collected are left out of your hands forever if the mobile phone is accidentally reset, malfunctioned, or stolen. If you make a setting to backup your phone numbers in the beginning, then you will never have to face this problem. However, if you have not done it initially, then it can be done later. The way is like this - go to your phone's settings and go to 'Accounts & Backup'. Now tap on 'Backup and Restore'. Here were 'Google Account' is visible, click on the button next to the option named 'Back-Up My Data' and activate it. Also, tap on the 'Backup Account' option that appears. Your Google account will appear here. Choose that. In different phones, these options can be in different places. If you do not get these options in the order mentioned here, then go to Settings and search for them by entering their name. Tap on the option of your mean from the result and proceed.

 Now from time to time, the content saved in your mobile phone, such as phone number, wifi password, etc. will automatically be updated on the Google account that you have used for email, etc. on your computer or mobile phone. If anything happens to the phone, all your phone numbers can be downloaded back from your Google account.

If you do not want to do this, then there are options. Like you can share all the telephone numbers with anyone through your 'contacts' app. For this, go to the settings of that app and tap on whichever option is available. Now select all your phone numbers and choose an email address, WhatsApp account, or any other option to share. If you want, you can also save them on the online drive (Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive), etc. Later, whenever needed, they can be brought back to the 'contacts' app.

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