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Amazing, WhatsApp new feature update, Now call more than 20

Amazing, WhatsApp new feature update, Now call more than 20
WhatsApp new feature update

Know how you can call more than 20 contacts at the same time

With the new group call feature, WhatsApp will be in line with the other video calling platforms, including Zoom and Skype.

Conference calls are not just fun but also necessary to improve communication. As most people have shifted to work from home mode, it is crucial to remain up to date with the technological advancements. Recently, messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced some updates that help users to extend group calls to 32 contacts.

The latest feature is being released for all the Android and iOS users. To use this feature, you have to update the WhatsApp app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In case you don’t spot the update, you may have to wait a little longer as the feature is likely to be released in a phased manner.

The Meta-owned instant messaging platform has introduced a range of new features since the pandemic hit. It updated the calling feature from four to eight members earlier and has now extended the calling feature to 32 contacts.

With the new group call feature, WhatsApp will be in line with the other video calling platforms, including Zoom and Skype. The new calling feature is a welcome news for millions of WhatsApp users who use the messaging platform rigorously.

It is essential to take note of that the calling highlight is right now just accessible for voice calls and not for video calls

Here’s how you can call more than 20 contacts on WhatsApp

Update the app from the Google Play store or the Apple App store. Open the WhatsApp application now.

Select a group on WhatsApp

Click on the group call option if your group chat has 33 or more participants

Assuming you have at least 33 members in your gathering talk, click on the gathering call choice

Let us tell you that only the first seven users who answer the call will be able to join. You will be able to add other participants too.


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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Be careful: Cyber ​​attacks are expanding under the front of Corona


Be careful: Cyber ​​attacks are expanding under the front of Corona 

The world is going through an emergency due to covid. Most organizations are working on the web, computerized exchanges have likewise expanded. Cyber ​​thugs are adopting new tricks and making people their victims

Most of the countries of the world including India are in lockdown due to the global epidemic of Covid. In this situation, most companies are getting their employees working from home and others are also working online from home. Due to this, internet usage and digital and online transactions have increased, but at the same time, the risk of cyber-attacks has also increased. Several incidents of cyber attacks have come to light in the guise of the Corona crisis. Hackers are targeting government institutions, from hospitals to companies, and making a dent in their data.

When the Chinese virus infection spread in the country, serious challenges were posed for the health and economic security of millions of people. For this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the creation of a Civil Assistance and Emergency Relief Fund. In the government's fight against the deadly virus, any citizen of the country can contribute financially to this fund. But cyber officers also made it a means of cheating people. Cyber ​​thugs tried to extort money from people by creating a fake UPI ID of the Prime Minister's Relief Fund. Through this fake ID, people were being prompted for online transactions to deal with the corona epidemic. Later it was found out that it was a fake account. It was then immediately blocked In reality, the excellent ID of the Prime Minister's Relief Fund is PM Cares. But the cyber thugs made a slight alteration in this ID and created a fake ID called PM Care @ SBI. Later, the country's largest bank SBI, and National Payment Corporation of India complained against it to the police and immediately stopped this fake ID. The cyber branch of Delhi Police has registered an FIR in the case.

Cyber ​​gangs at work in Maharashtra

Similarly, in Maharashtra, cyber gangs are trying to cheat people. According to the cybercrime branch of Maharashtra, the thugs are sending a link on people's mobiles and emails showing how to protect against Corona. By clicking on this link, information related to people's bank accounts reaches the cyber thugs. Thusly, for the sake of Corona infection, digital hooligans are tidying up individuals' very own information, yet additionally ledgers. Therefore, be cautious if you get any information related to coronavirus, any emails, and messages related to it. Such cases are continuously increasing, so the Maharashtra Cyber ​​Branch has alerted people about this.

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In fact, not only in India, there are increasing threats to cybersecurity all over the world. One big reason for this is that not only are the elements of cyber burglar difficult to identify, they are also difficult to access. Burglary through Internet viruses or hacking is a crime in which the criminal is usually away from the scene. In some cases, he is in another country and much of the time his character isn't uncovered. It is true that cybersecurity awareness has increased in India, but that cannot be said enough. The mechanism, which should have been built by now to streamline cybersecurity, has not been done. Several institutions have been created to strengthen cybersecurity, but the lack of expected synergy between them is still visible.

As of late, there was information on digital assault on the US Department of Health and Human Services. According to a 'Bloomberg' report, the hackers had done hacking to spread rumors related to the Coronavirus. As soon as the news of the hacking was received, the National Security Council of America immediately got into action and handled the matter, and gave an explanation in a tweet. US officials found that the Health Department servers had been infiltrated and false information about the coronavirus was circulating. The team then tried to stop it. According to media reports, it was also said that this hacking was done to slow down the department's system.

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More than 10,000 cyber attacks have been carried out in the last three months in India. At the same time, there were 6,000 cyber-attack attempts in Australia and about 5,000 in Indonesia. In the Czech Republic, a digital assault has been done focusing on hands down the biggest lab of crown examination. Programmers send letters for the sake of a bank, NGO, or World Health Organization so that there is no uncertainty. Apart from this, people also use such language that people click the link sent in the mail of fear or curiosity. As indicated by digital specialists, the infection gets 'downloaded' to the portable when the Internet client clicks any message related to the Covid, permitting programmers admittance to the information contained in the mobile. After this, the hacker can easily break into the bank account connected to the digital money account.

How to avoid cyber fraud

Calling the coronavirus deadly, cyber thugs are tricking people by sending fake web pages, emails, social media platforms, and messages to phones and then making their way to their bank accounts. In some cases, cheating is done by asking for donations in the name of treatment. Apart from this, the thugs are claiming themselves as employees of the health department and are getting personal details from the people. According to cyber experts, neither open nor answer such suspicious web pages and emails. While doing any work online, secure your email, social media account, and bank accounts with hard passwords. This will raise programmers to have ruckus getting to your record. Also, keep updating computers or laptops and anti-viruses. Apart from this, tell your family, especially children, about the prevention of cybercrime. Before donating to any organization online, examine it thoroughly. Do not share your bank, social media account or email, or any other account information with anyone. Such fraud can be prevented only by being careful.


Sunday, April 3, 2022

Do you have these best antivirus apps?

 Do you have these best antivirus apps? 

Do you have these best antivirus apps?
Do you have these best antivirus apps?

If your mobile phone is not safe, then there is a risk of a virus attack in it. Also, someone can steal important data from your mobile, so it is important to always protect your mobile from anti-virus and anti-malware. Let us know which are the Best Antivirus Apps.

This is the lightest weight app ever. It has in-the-cloud scanning technology, due to which superfast scanning takes place.

- It does not drains the battery of your mobile, due to which it runs for years.

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Malwarebytes Anti Malware

- This is not a new name for computer users. Like computers, it is proving to be very effective in Android phones too.

- Provides real-time protection by scanning the mobile through antivirus, antimalware and antispyware.- Protects your important and personal data from theft while downloading any app or photo.

With its help, online surfing becomes easy, because it alerts you by sending alerts when it comes in contact with any kind of malware or unnecessary program.

- Many of your apps are aware of your important data and contacts. In such a situation, no app can take advantage of that information, for this, it keeps tracking all the apps.

- Keeps the protection database updated automatically.

- Saves the mobile from slow or hanging by cleaning the usage history and unnecessary files.

Norton Security and Antivirus

- Scans and eliminates viruses/malware that damages your mobile.

It locks your mobile as soon as you remove the SIM card so that no one can misuse it.

- Block non-urgent phone calls and messages.

- Fraud prevents the misuse of your important data by websites.

- When the mobile battery is low, it saves its location immediately.

Note: Apart from this, there are many mobile security and antivirus apps like Avast, AVG, Avira Antivirus Security, ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus, AVL, etc., by installing which you can protect your mobile from every threat.

In the field of antivirus apps, this app has maintained its number 1 position continuously for the last several years.

- It has the capability of multi-layer protection. It scans the new apps as well as scans the installed system files and warns you of any kind of danger.

- Sends you notifications by blocking unsafe websites while surfing online.

- Like other applications, it works like deleting unnecessary junk files and as a memory booster.

– It can be used for both tablets and mobile phones.

With the app lock, you can lock your chat histories, private messages, photos, and gallery. If someone tries to unlock the mobile, then this app informs you by clicking its photo that this person tried to unlock your mobile.- To save your favorite photos from any kind of disturbance in Mobile, you can keep a backup of them.

Through this app, where you can find out if the phone is stolen through Find Phone (Anti Theft), you can turn on an automatic scan through a scheduled scan. There is also a facility for call blocking.

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360 Security

– It is one of the most popular antivirus apps.

- So far more than 100 million people have downloaded and used it.

It has many features like Junk File Cleaner, Memory Booster, Power Saving Option, App Management, Anti Theft Tools. whatever apps you want

When downloading, they give information about whether your mobile is safe or not.

- Scans all your apps and signals you for any kind of threat.

The most important thing about this app is App Lock. With App Lock, you can lock all your apps or selected apps so that others do not interfere with your privacy.

- To save your favorite photos from any kind of disturbance in Mobile, you can keep a backup of them.

- Through this app, where the phone can be detected through a stolen phone (anti-theft), you can turn on an automatic scan through the scheduled scan. There is also a facility for call blocking.

 360 Security

– It is one of the most popular antivirus apps.

- So far more than 100 million people have downloaded and used it.

- It has many features like junk file cleaner, memory booster, power saving option, app management, anti-theft tools. Whatever apps you

When you download, it gives information about whether your mobile is safe or not.

- Scans all your apps and signals you for any kind of threat.

The most important thing about this app is App Lock. With AppLock, you can keep all your apps or selected apps locked so that others can't intrude on your privacy.

- Improves mobile performance by saving battery through memory cleanup.

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Top 10 Apps For Women


Top 10 Apps For Women

Today women are fulfilling dual responsibilities both at home and outside. But in the course of fulfilling these responsibilities, they are also ignoring many things. Keeping this ignorance in mind, we are telling about some such useful apps here, which will not only give them reminders, but with the help of these apps, they can plan their daily routine better.

1. Daily Yoga app

Daily Yoga is a very useful app for working women who do not have time to go to the gym. This app has 50+ Yoga sessions, 500+ Yoga Poses, 18 HD videos with background music, and live voice instruction (instructions with every step of exercise). This app also has 7 days special yoga plan for fitness, stamina, and weight loss for female users.

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2. Healthily App

This is the best diet app. With the help of this app, women can easily reduce or increase their weight by counting calories. The app also has a special diet plan, which advises users to eat healthy food keeping in mind their health problems. It also gives a reminder to drink water from time to time to keep the body hydrated.

3. Evernote app

This is the best app for all the working women who like to do all the work systematically. Through this app, women users can create corporate plans. You can also save notes, screenshots, and images related to those corporate plans. You can also share these plans through chat. In this app, female users can save important numbers. If you want, you can keep their business card. The specialty of this app is that through these users can also save their data and can also create presentations.

4. Mint app

Working women can manage their personal finances, check where they are spending and save, as well as track income and expenses by creating a monthly budget with this app. With this app, users can also know that if a woman wants to save for a particular plan, then how much should she spend every month.

5. Splitwise app

Through this app, working women can plan their financial growth. You can manage your income in many ways and also keep an eye on expenses. You can check your balance from time to time. In this app, users can also set an email reminder.

6. Grofers App

Online grocery shopping apps have completely changed the way of shopping, especially for working women, these online grocery apps have proved to be very useful. One of these is the Growers app. Through this app, women can not only buy groceries, but also electronics, pet care products, stationery, plastic ware items. From time to time, these apps also give discounts to their customers.

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7. CookWizMe app

Working women or homemakers, everyone is worried about what to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. In the CookWizme app, women users will find a plethora of everyday recipes that are easy to cook and tasty as well. Through this app, women can also search for their favorite and popular recipes.

8. The Hunt fashion app

The Hunt app keeps fashion freak users updated with the latest fashion updates to keep up with the latest trends and styles. With the help of this app, users can select the dresses keeping in mind the trend. You can also share photos of these dresses with your friends.

9. Relax: Stress and Anxiety Relief app

Anxiety, stress, and depression - these are the three things that harm women's health the most. It is not possible for them to avoid anxiety and stress while performing the responsibilities of the home office, but by controlling them the stress level can be reduced. Relax: Stress and anxiety relief is one such free app, which can control anxiety, stress, and depression to a great extent. Through this app, women can learn how to relax the mind and body through breathing and meditation exercises, and music.

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10. Period Tracker App

If you are also one of those busy working women who forget their period due to their busy schedule, then this app sends a reminder two days before the date of the period. Apart from tracking the duration of this period, the app also manages the dates, symptoms, and medicines of the upcoming period very efficiently. It gives users personal reminders, information about period symptoms, such as fever, pimples, headaches, as well as PMC Pills Reminder.

Some other apps, which the working woman can download to her smartphone-

  • Early Detection Plan: Breast Cancer - For Health
  • Snapseed app - for photo editing
  • Netflix (Netflix app) - for entertainment
  • Wunderlist app - to make a list of everyday tasks
  • Google Pay - To Pay
  • Safetipin app
  • Cab4me app
  • Life 360 family Locator App 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

IT UPDATES: Google's statement after Facebook, assures India's new IT rules


Google's statement after Facebook, assures India's new IT rules

Veteran tech company Google has announced adherence to the provisions of the new IT regulations in India. On Wednesday, it has been announced Google that it will fully comply with the new IT rules of the center. It will likewise attempt to make its strategy straightforward  This statement was given by Google while replying to the new IT rules of the Central Government, which are being implemented today from 26 May 2021 nationwide.

Google gave this statement

A Google spokesperson said in his statement that we realize that the work of keeping the platform secure is never completed, it is an ongoing process. In such a situation, we will continue to work under the new rules. Our effort will be to make the policy, keep it transparent. Google has said that there is a long history of managing content under local law. In such a situation we assure the Government of India that the new law will also be complied with. We respect the law of India. At the same time, the content of misleading and violating local law will continue to be removed in the direction of the Government of India. Our efforts will continue in the direction of removing fake and objectionable content from new mediums.

Facebook gave this statement

Explain that earlier on Tuesday, Facebook had said that it would follow the provisions of the IT rules. It is also in talks with Facebook's government on some of its issues. On behalf of Facebook, it has been said that our goal is to follow the provisions of the IT rules. Also working towards implementing it.

What is the new guideline?

On 25 February, the Center reported Information Technology (Intermediate Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021. 

The social media platform will have to deploy Nodal Officer, Resident Greaves Officer in India, which will be based in India. This officer will have to redress the complaints received against the OTT content within 15 days.


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Under the new guidelines, social media platforms will have to issue a monthly report, which will contain information about complaints and their redressal. Also, which posts and content were removed, and what was the reason for this. This will have to be explained in detail. All social media platforms should have a physical address in India, which should be registered on the company's mobile app and website.

As indicated by the new rules, the offensive substance should be taken out from the web media within 24 hours of the grievance Apart from this, companies have to have a grievance redressal mechanism and also have an officer handling complaints. The complaint will be registered in 24 hours and will be resolved in 15 days


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Amazing, WhatsApp new feature update, Now call more than 20

WhatsApp new feature update Know how you can call more than 20 contacts at the same time With the new group call feature, WhatsApp will be i...