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How the use of the Internet is causing any addiction in children.

 Experts recommend keeping an eye on whether the use of the Internet is causing any addiction in children.

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has almost stopped children from going out, and a wide range of instructive institutions, everyone has been locked in houses. In this era of house arrest, many children have become dependent on the internet for spending time.

Many educational institutions are conducting online education activities to compensate for the loss of education to the students. Try not to leave the kids alone. As a result, children are spending a longer time on the Internet.

Technology experts say that there are two things that parents should keep in mind to keep their kids safe from using the internet. One of these is whether children are at risk of using the Internet. And second is whether they are indulging in any addiction.

Suman Ahmed Sabir, chief technology expert at Amber At Home, says Digital ​​abuse has gotten exceptionally normal. It is a threat. Another is addiction.

However, technology experts say that internet usage for children can be controlled or their internet usage can be monitored with little awareness of some basics. This includes-

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1. Use the Parental Controls E-mail Account

Technology experts agree that it is safe to use an e-mail account with parental controls if children are given a device. In this regard, information technology expert Salauddin Selim said, Google has a parental control system. Using which it can be monitored what the child is watching. If children are given a device to have parental controls.

What he recommends is that children need an e-mail address to turn on the given device. And if there is Gmail then some action can be taken. It can be opened as a Parental Control Account.

If the child's e-mail account is under the age of 13 after the date of birth is attached when opening the account, Google will automatically state that the account is under parental control. Whether you want In that case you'll want to know whether the account will be handled through another car account. That means any parent would want an e-mail account. There is an opportunity to give parents an e-mail account.

From then on, this Gmail account would be logged into the entire device's account, then what it searched with, what apps it installed, what it watched on YouTube-Facebook - all viewable from the parent's e-mail address. Is. It will even be possible to identify the place where the child took the device. Information technology says Email specialist organizations give permits to guardians to label their records. In that case, it can be seen to whom the child is sending emails. Including conversations?

2. Install Some Important Apps

Information technology expert Salauddin Selim said that Parental Safe Browser is an app. If it is installed on the child's device, the child will not be able to watch any adult content while using it. Technology experts say that keeping in mind the safety of children, some security applications ought to be introduced  There is an app called YouTube Kids that creates content keeping kids in mind. However, it is not yet in Bangladesh, said Mr. Selim. He believes that the government needs to take action in this regard.

It is often seen that the tactic of the father or mother is used by the child. In such a situation, there is an app called Safe Browser-Parental Control. The IT expert said that it can be installed on mobile, laptop or PC and can be kept running when children use it.

Salauddin Selim said, there is an option to enable-disable this app, utilized as needed.Wealth. Selim said that installing separate small plug-ins such as "browser extensions" into PC or laptop browsers also prevents adult content from arriving. Can't think that its even get-togethers "program augmentations" are accessible for nothing

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3. Use the child version option

Suman Ahmed Sabir, chief technology expert at Amber at Home, said Facebook and Messenger are child versions of the Internet. In that case, children can create an account they use but the parent has the opportunity to supervise. Numerous kids are taking on web classes because of pandemics.

If someone sends a request to your child, they'll come to you. In the event that you give them authorization, they can chat with your child on social media" Huh."

4. Be Careful When Connecting to the Internet

There are various internet service providers in Bangladesh that provide internet connections. However, it is better to check whether the company from which the internet connection is being taken has a secure internet facility for its children.

Having this feature allows you to block certain sites or content from service providers. Technology expert Suman Ahmed Sabir said that most of the access points or devices like routers that we use for WiFi connections have some advantages. So that the use of the internet can be controlled.

However, in most cases, when a web association is set up,  companies have established a connection through them and they are no longer visible. Wealth. Ahmed said he would have to get his username and password so that he had control over it. This will enable or disable parental control features from the laptop.

5. Bind While Using the Internet

Information technology experts believe that children should be given a certain amount of time to be online or on the Internet. In this regard, technology expert Suman Ahmed Sabir said, to control the utilization of the web by kids,  a fixed time should be fixed as to when the internet connection will be at home and when not.

Children can be tied down while using an internet connection to keep tabs on what they are watching on the internet. In this case, the Internet Service Provider or those who have an Internet connection can log in to the portal and schedule the connection through an application.

Again, this should be possible at the individual level, Mr. said. Ahmed. He said that good quality internet service providers have the characteristic of parental controls. Where it can be determined which devices will have internet, what content will be a crawl,  which apps will be available, and which will not.

There are also parental controls and age settings on social media such as YouTube and Facebook. If enabled, some content will not reach children in any way. These features are also available on any device and browser including laptops. These should be commissioned or commissioned, said technology expert Mr. Ahmed. "By doing this, they simply stay away from some unwanted material."

6. participate with the child

You to sit with the child while using the Internet. There are different instructive channels and sites.  Encourage them to watch. Make them interested in learning or creating something new. In this regard, technology expert Suman Ahmed Sabir said, YouTube or other sites use artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. Through this, the same type of topic or content that the user sees comes out in the form of suggestions.

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And so if you encourage kids to look for good and educational content that interests them, they will come up with that content. Be careful what you see

In Bangladesh, usually, one WiFi connection is taken in a household, and every member of the household shares and uses the same WiFi. Each WiFi device has a unique IP or Internet Protocol number or address.

Information technology expert Salauddin Selim said that if a parent or adult member of the household searches for or sees something using a WiFi connection, it is stored in an IP address. He said that if children or minor members of the household browse something through the Internet, then those things or material also come in front of them. And so parents need to be careful while using the internet to keep children away from such content, say technology experts.

However, if a Gmail account with parental controls is used on a child's device, it will filter child-to-adult content.

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Get Beware of Phishing Links

 Beware of Phishing Links

Hackers have once again become active with phishing links to hack accounts on various video streaming platforms including email accounts and social media IDs. Several international hacker groups are actively targeting the Bangladesh region in particular. And so beware of these phishing links.

Cyber ​​experts say that hackers create a kind of weblink by closely matching the link of a secure and legitimate website. This website is basically created by hackers and all control over it is done by hackers.

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The user is asked to enter the Account ID-Password while entering that link to make it look like the original site. And once given to them, the necessary information passes to the hacker to take control of the account on the original site. The link by which the hacker takes the user to his website is called 'Phishing Link'.

Cyber ​​security analysts have recently identified some such phishing scams in Asia countries. One of these is to take possession of a Gmail account and Netflix ID.

The heart of Cyber ​​71 director Abdullah Al Jaber, himself a 'moral programmer'. "Through phishing accounts, we have recently been able to confirm that 15 Gmail accounts have been hacked in Bangladesh,” he said. We have recaptured three of these. Work is going on with the rest. Hackers ask to 'fix' various aspects of the account by sending mail to the user's mail inbox. Failure to do so will result in the temporary closure of the account. 

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Basically, the user enters the link after being confused by the term. On login, the user is asked to enter a new user ID and password. When the client gives it,  all the information on that account goes to the hacker if it is only controlled by the server. And imagine what would happen if such an ID went under the control of a hacker.

Another network protection investigator, if a website is duplicated by a professional web designer and developer, a normal internet user will often not understand them. And if you visit a site with a phishing link and provide your information, they can undoubtedly become important. Android-based smartphone users are at higher risk than Windows PC users. 

The link is not seen on Android because of the URL. Phishing is a very old hacking technique. In the case of mail, the mail server 'spams' several phishing sites. However, there are some newer phishing scams where the phishing link bypasses the spam folder and goes directly to the user's inbox. And the user is also clicking on set considering it as normal mail.

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Know How data sent to Whatsapp will get deleted

 Data sent to WhatsApp will be deleted automatically

To protect the privacy of users, WhatsApp is launching one feature after another. WhatsApp has introduced the 'Once' feature to protect the privacy of messages. If a user uses this feature to send a photo or video on WhatsApp, the recipient will automatically delete it only after viewing it once.

Even sending photos or videos from any social media cannot be saved, protected, or shared. Video or pictures will not be saved even if the saving option is enabled on the phone. Also, if the file sent through this feature is not opened within 14 days, it will be naturally erased. 

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The feature is marked with a green circle like the WhatsApp logo. To exploit this part, you need to refresh to the most recent adaptation of WhatsApp.  To send pictures under the View One feature, in the case of iOS or Android phones, you need to go to the camera icon and select Picture-Video by going to the paper clip. Now before sending the picture or video, click on the View One option on the right side of the text bar and the picture will be passed on to the customer.

According to WhatsApp, taking pictures or videos on our phones is meant to occupy a large part of the phone's memory, while the photos and videos we share need not be saved permanently. That's why a new feature has been introduced. This element will likewise assist clients with keeping up with their security. The use of this feature will continue to protect users' privacy through end-to-end encryption.

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Search Engine Optimization: Applicable to whom

 Search Engine Optimization: Applicable to whom

This will apply to you if you own a website or work as an SEO specialist in an organization. Here you will get all the important solutions regarding SEO. Search engine optimization is vital in the present time. 

Search engines help users find your website's content. Your website content is great but if the user can't find it then it's of no value. Although the tasks of SEO seem small, it has a huge impact.

Is your site on Google?

If you type the home URL of your site in Google, then your site is being indexed. To see how many links Google has indexed to your site, type site: some news. tv. There may be no link to your site in the Google Store. Although there are billions of links indexed in the Google Store. If your site is new or has no links to other sites on the web or the codes are not well organized.

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How to find your site on Google?

Google is the largest automated search engine in the world. Google will index your site for free. In the event that you don't present your site, Google will in any case list your site, However, if you Google bot DSLU your site, it will not be indexed. Google's web crawler penetrates the veins of the web. So if Google somehow finds your site, it will index it. On account of another site, if you submit a site map, the indexing is done quickly.

Tell Google not to index any pages If you do not want a specific page on your website to be indexed, you must notify Google using the Robot.txt file, and Google will not index your information. However, even if you use a robots.txt file, the best way for a user to find your pastry is to ensure that no user can see your secret file in any way. You can set a password so that you do not see information on this page without this password or you can do so by using an index file.

Create unique precise page title:

Title tags give Google and users an idea of ​​your site's information. The title tag should be placed in the middle of the HTML file at the top of the document. Use unique headings for each page of your site.

Beautiful title and gist

Google search always shows the title snippet. Seeing this, the user decides whether to click or not. So the title and excerpt should be beautiful and neat. The title and snippet must match the content of the page.


Description meta-tag

All search engines including Google understand the content of your page by looking at the meta description. It is better to have 50/60 characters in the page title. It is better to have 157 characters in the meta description.

Importance of meta description tag

Google may provide your page to users by viewing the meta description tag. When a user writes a query on Google, if it's in the meta description of your page, it's more important to give it to the user. That's why it's important to have a summary of the site content in the meta description.

Top Tags / H1 / H2 Tags:

Search engines understand the importance of text on a page by using title tags. So it is better that you use H1/H2 tag.

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Structural Data:

It is important to use structural data on web pages. Search engine bots get clear information about the content of web pages with the help of structural data.

If these things are followed properly then the content of your site will be in a good position in Google search.

Earnings from Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse

 Earnings from Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse

Most of internet users spend some time of the day through various social media. Many studies have shown that users typically spend one to one and a half hours on social media. However, for the individuals who are dependent,  the time is much longer.

It’s also not bad to fall through social media these days if you can find a way to earn from there. At present, there are income opportunities from almost all social media. But for that, you have to be hardworking and innovative.

It is expected that the income from social media will increase day by day. Just a few days ago, Facebook announced the launch of a new website. Authors can create and share free and paid newsletters through this website called Bulletin. That is, income can also be made through this platform.

The authors of the bulletin will be able to keep the entire income that will come from the subscription. "We will probably uphold the possibility that a huge number of individuals can earn enough to pay the rent through inventive work, said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO & Founder This is a different site of Facebook. In addition to this site, there is also an opportunity to earn directly from Facebook. There is an opportunity to earn a big amount of money with videos on the Facebook pages. That opportunity has been chosen as a profession by many young people in Bangladesh.

Users can also earn from other social media such as Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse, etc.



According to a recent CNBC report, the company pays ১ 1 million for the content that is created daily on Snapchat. Content is shared when a user is able to meet the requirements of Snapchat.

This means that other users will get that snap in both story and search results. In this way, if someone's snap goes viral, a notification will be sent to the concerned user - 'You are eligible to receive Spotlight Payout'. Then he will get a certain amount of money.


According to the official blog of YouTube, the financial value of the fund set up for YouTube shorts is 100 million. This money will be distributed in 2021 and 2022. Unique YouTube shorts content creators can get paid here.

Creators can also earn money from long videos on YouTube. How much you earn from here will depend on how your subscribers are and how the video is viewed. You can start earning money if you complete 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand public watch hours on YouTube in the last 12 months. Details can be found on the Creator Academy website. It is also possible to earn money through super chat on YouTube. If a person or a star's fan, subscriber grows, it is possible to earn money through questions if he ever comes live. Suppose a star came live. Then many questioned him. It is not possible for that star to answer everyone's questions. Then the person who wants to ask a question can ask a question for a certain amount of money. From here that star or famous person can earn income.

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Instagram content creators can buy badges during live video if they want to show the financial support option. Followers will see the financial support option as soon as they enter that live and can pay any amount they want.


Money can be sent and received with the help of Twitter Tip Jar. Both Android and iPhone users can send and receive tips. This feature is currently available to a large number of users. In particular, creators, journalists, experts in various fields and non-profit organizations will be able to earn money using this feature.


Clubhouse allows users to earn money through the 'Creator First' program. All the money a creator earns from the clubhouse is given to him. That is, the clubhouse authorities do not cut any part from here. In the future, the company will introduce more ways to earn money. Clubhouse advises users to search for this regularly. Sources: Gazettes Now, Make Us Use, CNBC

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How the use of the Internet is causing any addiction in children.

 Experts recommend keeping an eye on whether the use of the Internet is causing any addiction in children. The worldwide coronavirus outbrea...