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Check Your Bank Balance on WhatsApp

Today's Digital-First Way World Depends on When You Check Your Bank Balance Desire has become very common.
Check Your Bank Balance on WhatsApp
Check Your Bank Balance on WhatsApp

Read all the latest updates about COVID-19 here. Traditionally, however, a particular bank must have a mobile application or log in to its website to check your bank balance. or Applicable for all banks. However, with the advancement of technology these systems are becoming easier every day. With Unified Payment Interface or UPI.

The process has become very simplified, allowing customers of any bank to check their bank balance and other details in some cases seconds and clicks.

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WhatsApp, the online messaging platform used by millions of people across the country, recently launched a payment system in India. so WhatsApp

Users who have registered for the WhatsApp Pay service will be able to check their bank balances.

WhatsApp Pay is an in-chat payment service and works like other UPI services like Google Pay and PhonePe. was on WhatsApp

“We are pleased and privileged to partner with State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank as part of the trial launched in India in February 2018.

And Axis Bank will bring easy and secure digital payments for WhatsApp users across India. UPI is a transformation service and we are working together

The benefits of our digital economy and the benefits of financial inclusion are available to most customers who do not have full access. Earlier," WhatsApp said in its 2020 press release.

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So, like other UPI services, if you have registered for WhatsApp Pay, you can check your bank account balance on WhatsApp.

Here's how to check your bank balance on WhatsApp Method A:

Stage 1: Click on WhatsApp on your cell phone and go to the application.Tap on the three dots on the top right of your screen and tap compatibility

Step 2: After that go to the payment option. Now select the bank account where you want to check your balance

Step 3: Click on View Account Balance option

Step 4: UPI payment methods are secure and then you need to enter your PIN

Step 5: After entering your PIN, your account balance will be displayed

Stage 1: From the installment warning screen in the WhatsApp application, click on the installment technique for your decision. 

Stage 2: Now, Click on the View Account Balance Option 

Step 3: If you have various ledgers enlisted with the WhatsApp Pay include, select the record for which you need to realize the record balance.

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Step 4: Enter your UPI PIN

Step 5: Your bank balance will appear on the WhatsApp screen

The way to check bank balance on WhatsApp Pay is similar to Google Pay, PhonePe, or other UPI apps.

The difference is that the user does not need to download the app separately to use the UPI feature. Nonetheless, to set up a UPI account for WhatsApp, you must agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy. Your WhatsApp number must be linked to your own Bank account when you pay to ensure faster processing. For ease of payment, the latest version is recommended by WhatsApp


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