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How To Use WhatsApp Without A Smartphone?

There is currently no other instant messaging multimedia app in the world bigger than WhatsApp
How To Use WhatsApp Without A Smartphone?
How To Use WhatsApp Without A Smartphone?

WhatsApp has over two billion users worldwide and more than 560 million users in India. WhatsApp has many such features that set it apart from other apps. 

You know that you need a smartphone and mobile number to use WhatsApp, but you don't know that you can use WhatsApp without a smartphone. I'm telling you...

How to use WhatsApp without a smartphone?

For this, you need the help of Android Emulator (Software). First, you need to install Andy or Bluestacks on your computer. With Andy, you can download and play many apps or games on your system other than WhatsApp.

Lastly, go to the Andy Andy website and download it to your computer.

Introduce the emulator by tapping on the downloaded document. In the wake of introducing the emulator, open it by double tapping on its symbol.

Now find WhatsApp in the search bar and click on WhatsApp.

Presently introduce WhatsApp and open it and enter your telephone number.

Now start using WhatsApp with OTP.

This way, once the OTP is confirmed, you can use WhatsApp on your computer without your phone. Also, the phone does not need to be connected to the internet, although the multi-device feature is now available on WhatsApp Web which is in beta. With this update, the phone does not need to be connected to the internet.

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