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Email does not mean privacy compromised


Email does not mean privacy compromised

Today is the era of email. Through this, you can send your message anywhere in a second. There are many 'features' for your message that no third one can read, by using which you can protect your privacy.

  These days, people are being victimized and cheated by 'hacking' in various ways through email, social networking, and other such means of communication. While there is a problem of cybersecurity on one side, another big problem is the privacy of our information. Many times privacy is violated by the service provider itself, whose service you use for being free. A few years ago the CEO of a big internet company said that it is meaningless to talk of privacy in the age of the internet. He further said that if you feel that some of your activities should not be known to others, then you should not do that activity.

  You are also worried about what happened. Every person has such countless things and things that he does not want to tell others and it is not that these are illegal activities. Everyone has the right to keep his address, income, illness, family, profit, loss, business secrets, and countless other information private. It is a little bit that if you use the Internet or use email, then you have the right to know everything about yourself, especially the companies that provide Internet services? It is in this context that the issue of privacy on email services becomes important. Some email services make an announcement in advance that they can use your data when creating an account. Unknowingly, most people accept this condition. But if you use email, then keep your data insecure, it is not necessary. Allow us to comprehend this with a model.

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Gmail is a very popular webmail service and also very powerful. The space users get here is also decent - 15 gigabytes. There is also a system for 'filtering' spam messages and 'mail search', 'labels', 'typing suggestions', and 'typing' feature in Indian languages. Gmail can be considered to be largely safe from the eyes of hackers, if you have used the necessary features, such as two-factor authentication. But Gmail has many drawbacks in terms of privacy and Google also uses your email box and data to show ads. Let us look at some options that protect your privacy -

People working on Windows must have created an account on Microsoft's platform at some time, such as,,,, etc. Hotmail is no longer there, it has been replaced by, whose name has been taken from Microsoft's email client software 'Outlook'. On Outlook too, you get 15 gigabytes of storage space, just like Gmail. Microsoft's policy is to protect your privacy. He does not scan email messages, nor read them and use them for some kind of automatic services. The ads will appear but will not be 'targeted', meaning that they will not have anything to do with what is written within your email messages or your activities. In Outlook, you can send 'Rich Email', that is, an email that looks like 'Word Documents'. In this, the text can be formatted in different sizes, font sizes, colors, etc. Photo viewer, immersive reader (read-aloud), the convenience of connecting to OneDrive or other cloud storage services, and encryption make it more useful.


It is an email service run from Germany, in which your entire mailbox is encrypted, that is, all the data in it is encrypted. The technique used to support forward secret is used here. This means that even if a hacker gets a break in the encryption of a mail message, only this one email message will be handled by him, that method will not work on the rest of the messages. Tutanota neither reads your messages monitors activities nor shows you 'targeted' advertisements. Messages sent through it do not include your IP address, so hackers will not be able to detect your location. Like Gmail, 'Two Factor Authentication is also present here. This means that the facility uses the 'one-time password' on the phone along with the password to log in. Here in the free version, you get only one GB of space. The address


You may be aware that a few months ago in Europe, a very stringent privacy law was enacted in the name of GDPR which applies to companies providing Internet services. Like Tutanota, Posted follows the GDPR rules. Incidentally, it is also a product of a German company. Posted uses encryption at several levels to ensure the security of your data. You can also use it while completely hiding your identity. Like Tutanota, this company also removes the IP address separately from your messages, so that no one can detect your location. It doesn't even keep track of your activities like many other email providers do. But one of its drawbacks is the absence of a spam folder. If an email message is suspected, it will be directly deleted or sent to you. The storage space here is -2 GB and the attachment size is limited to 50 MB. Although it is a 'paid service', the fee is very low - one euro per month. The address is

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Start mail:

This mail service operates as the biggest goal of privacy, so by creating an account here, you can be relaxed from that side. This service operated from the Netherlands was started by manufacturers of search engines called StartPages. Here your data is encrypted in the mail server instead of the browser which is a surety of privacy. The reason? The browser is opened on your computer so one can still break into it, but it is a difficult task to hack the server and steal the data. Start mail never reads your email and uses it for any purpose. It has ten gigabytes of storage space. Its trial version is also available and paid version. The attachment size limit is 25 megabytes. An interesting 'feature' is the temporary 'email address, which expires or becomes inactive after some time. This is a useful feature for those who want to send mail messages while saving their privacy. The address is -

Joho Mail:

The Joho Mail, which complies with Europe's GDPR privacy rules, has 'features' such as 'two-factor authentication, 'filters' and 'advanced search. All messages in Joho Mail are 'encrypted', the mail service providers do not read or scrutinize those messages. She claims that she does not share your information with advertisers. An important feature here is the presence of 'features' of collaboration, that is, technical facilities for more than one people if they want to work together. Under its Forever Free (always free) plan, every 'user' gets five GB 'space' and can send up to 25 megabytes of attachment.

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