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New Year's Eve: How To Download, Send And Manage Stickers On WhatsApp

The new year is coming and people are ready to say goodbye to 2021. 
New Year's Eve: How To Download, Send And Manage Stickers On WhatsApp
New Year's Eve: How To Download, Send And Manage Stickers On WhatsApp

New Year's Eve isn't the time to plan the perfect party, Dinner is also a day to wish you a Happy New Year.

As 2022 methodologies, with the new Covid cases, individuals are preparing to commend the occasion in the most ideal manner.

From small home gatherings to simple family meals, people are trying their best to fine-tune their plans as per the latest COVID-19 regulations.

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The ongoing pandemic has prompted many to opt for more or less a celebration at home, with many eager to wish this season.

As the year is approaching, people are looking for perfect wishes and new year wishes to send to their close family and friends. A fun way to send new

happy new year with stickers on WhatsApp. Greetings Are Getting More and More Popular, So Here's a Guide

Download and share Stickers for New Year 2022:

- Go to the Google Play Store application and type WhatsApp stickers in the pursuit bar

- Display various sticker options for Google Play events

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- Choose any app of your choice after seeing the animation and customization features of the options

- Download the selected app and check whether stickers are working properly

- Open WhatsApp and go to personal chat or group

- Press the emoji option to select the stickers tab

- Here you will see pre-downloaded sticker packs

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- Tap on the sticker pack header to open the pack and scroll down to select some stickers

- Tap stickers to send to close family and friends

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