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Social Shopping: Tiktokand Mojo on The Way To Facebook Success

Tiktok, a leading social media site is also making inroads into online shopping. 
Social Shopping: Tiktokand Mojo on The Way To Facebook Success
Social Shopping: Tiktokand Mojo on The Way To Facebook Success

Tiktok was a huge success, presenting short videos full of jokes and dance moves. Tiktok had to leave India after the central government-imposed restrictions on insecure Chinese apps. Although not operating in India, Tiktok has worldwide acceptance.

∙ New experience Social shopping

Tiktok is moving towards the category of social shopping. Facilities will be developed for live shopping on social media. It will also increase the advertising revenue for Tiktok. Companies will start using the Tic Tac Toe platform to introduce more products as the items introduced on social media can be bought right there.

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Here's the way people look on social media before buying things online. You also get the opportunity to buy the product at the same time that you like the product. With the new method, you can save time and make it easier to find the product name and go to the next app and search and find and buy.

The head of Tiktok's European division has announced that it will focus on online shopping, which Facebook and Instagram have successfully tested. TicTac was launched in 2018 in Europe.

Covid as an online fertilizer

The online marketplace has flourished as people around the world have struggled to get out because of Covid. The lockdown following Kovid led people to the endless possibilities of shopping online. 

Together, the world was moving towards online shopping, which was used only by a section of people. Because of this, even small retailers have had to pay attention online. The vast majority of supermarkets have already started trading online. With this comes the Tic Tac Toe live shopping experience.

Head of Short Videos

It was only after the success of Tiktok, which was full of short videos, that tech giants entered the field. Many apps have been launched modeled on Tiktok, which started as a small company and has grown all over the world. Popular apps like Tiktok are similar to Mojo and Roposo in India. 

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The number of people watching short videos is on the rise, according to a recent study. Viewers benefit from the fact that shorter videos are more likely to be viewed than longer videos, and video content is more focused. There are short video forums including Google's YouTube, Meta's Facebook, and Instagram.

Trending Tic Tac Toe

Tiktok came up with short videos at a time when relatively long videos were available on YouTube and other platforms. Later I saw that man is indulging in the magical world of short videos. While some turned Tiktok into a venue for showcasing their talents in dance and song, others focused on advertising and money. 

The reason for banning Tiktok from the country was the availability of age-appropriate content and the lack of restrictions. Problems with China set back Tiktok. Lots of social media came up like mushrooms where Tiktok returned. It has been trending since the days of Tiktok. Its content and stars all attracted public attention. Those who followed in its footsteps borrowed everything from Tiktok, including the name.

Similar moves

As Tiktok has no presence in India, their latest moves will not be felt in the country. But apps that have copied Tiktok are likely to follow suit. Flipkart Mojo, India's leading online shopping giant, has teamed up to launch Live Shopping. 

About 16 crore people enjoy Moji videos every month. Flipkart's latest move is to make it possible to buy items found in Moji's videos directly from Moji itself. 

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This will allow Moz to anticipate videos of the items you intend to purchase and how they will actually look. For example, if you want to buy the costumes worn by the actors in the video, you can identify the costumes from the video in the moji and send them to the collection of the costumes on Flipkart. 

The goal is to reduce the time and hassle of finding out for yourself what clothes Mojil saw and going to Flipkart. Social shopping is a strategy that buys clothes wherever they feel they need them while watching the video. The new system also encourages the average person to buy more.

Instead of the Flipkart-Moz joint venture, TicTac itself is becoming a social media and marketing company. The company's revenue is expected to jump through this. That way, in a short period of time, TicTac will soon be one of the world's leading tech companies

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