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Know How data sent to Whatsapp will get deleted

 Data sent to WhatsApp will be deleted automatically
Know How data sent to Whatsapp will get deleted
Know-How data sent to Whatsapp will get deleted

To protect the privacy of users, WhatsApp is launching one feature after another. WhatsApp has introduced the 'Once' feature to protect the privacy of messages. If a user uses this feature to send a photo or video on WhatsApp, the recipient will automatically delete it only after viewing it once.

Even sending photos or videos from any social media cannot be saved, protected, or shared. Video or pictures will not be saved even if the saving option is enabled on the phone. Also, if the file sent through this feature is not opened within 14 days, it will be naturally erased. 

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The feature is marked with a green circle like the WhatsApp logo. To exploit this part, you need to refresh to the most recent adaptation of WhatsApp.  To send pictures under the View One feature, in the case of iOS or Android phones, you need to go to the camera icon and select Picture-Video by going to the paper clip. Now before sending the picture or video, click on the View One option on the right side of the text bar and the picture will be passed on to the customer.

According to WhatsApp, taking pictures or videos on our phones is meant to occupy a large part of the phone's memory, while the photos and videos we share need not be saved permanently. That's why a new feature has been introduced. This element will likewise assist clients with keeping up with their security. The use of this feature will continue to protect users' privacy through end-to-end encryption.

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