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17 lakh Indian WhatsApp Accounts Banned, Have You Also Come Under Wraps?

Texting application WhatsApp has delivered its sixth User Safety Monthly Report. 
17 lakh Indian WhatsApp Accounts Banned, Have You Also Come Under Wraps?
 17 lakh Indian WhatsApp Accounts Banned, Have You Also Come Under Wraps?

This report is submitted under IT Rules 2021. The report details customer complaints. What action did WhatsApp take against him, it has also been revealed. 

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According to the report, WhatsApp has blocked 1,759,000 Indian accounts. Let us know the complete details of this report.

Details of WhatsApp's 6th User Safety Monthly Report:

WhatsApp has closed 1,759,000 Indian accounts between November 1, 2021, and November 30, 2021. Now the question is why these accounts were banned. 

Thus, as indicated by the report, WhatsApp utilized the organization's maltreatment recognition strategy to boycott these records. It also includes steps taken by users for negative feedback through the 'Report' feature.

How to detect abuse:

Abuse detection methods work over three life cycles of any account. First at the time of registration, second at the time of messaging, and third in response to the negative feedback received from the company in the form of user reports and blocks.

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WhatsApp allows users to report accounts by:

WhatsApp allows users to report accounts as spam, abuse, etc. The organization receives the last 5 messages sent by one user or group to another. 

They don't know about it. WhatsApp likewise gets data about the gathering or client ID when the message was sent and what sort of message was sent (picture, video, message, and so forth)Users can report any message by long pressing on any message.

WhatsApp allows users to block accounts by:

Users can block any of their accounts. To do this, they have to go to the chat of the person they want to block and then tap on the three dots in the top right. 

Then some options will open. Then tap on More. After that tap on Block from the next option. 

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You will then receive a pop-up confirmation. In this, you have to tap on the block again. Here you can report the user.


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