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Tips for typing upside down on WhatsApp

The way you can type upside down on WhatsApp

The cycle to send WhatsApp message in this arrangement is very basic whenever you've downloaded the flip message application

WhatsApp is a texting application that has heaps of elements. While you can evaluate different textual style styles and organizations while composing messages, you might've never attempted this element where you can flip the message totally making it seem to be a perfect representation of your desired message to send.

Frankly, there's not a glaringly obvious explanation for why somebody would need to flip their composed text on WhatsApp yet where's the fun in all the reasonableness. Indeed, it can turn into a code to stow away the text from being perused in a flash. Yet, aside from that, it's simply tomfoolery and snickers.

Instructions to type upside down  on WhatsApp and different applications

Just honestly, this strategy requires downloading an outsider application. Be that as it may, involving it for WhatsApp, Telegram and essentially some other application is exceptionally straightforward and fundamental. The interaction is very straightforward whenever you've downloaded the flip text application. Here are the means you'll have to follow:

To start with, go to Play Store and search for Upside Down (Flip Text). There will be numerous choices yet we attempted the one whose creator is 'vndnguyen'

When downloaded, simply open the application. It will provoke you to download the most recent adaptation. You can simply tap on 'alright'.

When that's what you do, you'll see that the screen is partitioned into two sections

Tap on the principal segment and compose the message you need to be sent upside down .

Then, at that point, assuming you tap on the lower area after you've composed the message, you'll see the modified message. It won't be a perfect representation however it will be totally rearranged.

Whenever you are finished with the total message, you will see two choices at the lower part of the screen, which are 'Clear' or 'Duplicate'

You simply have to duplicate the text and afterward glue it into whichever application you need, including WhatsApp, Telegram, or even Gmail.

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