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Digital Address Code: Don't Need Home Address, Just Scanning The QR Code Will Work

Digital Address Code (DAC) is being brought into the country by the Modi government. 
Digital Address Code: Don't Need Home Address, Just Scanning The QR Code Will Work
Digital Address Code: Don't Need Home Address, Just Scanning The QR Code Will Work

This will be the Aadhaar link unique code of your address. Which will help in many types of facilities including online delivery in the coming days.

At present, the courier or delivery boy is not able to reach the correct location even after knowing the exact address. Google Map also does not help in this work. But soon a unique code will be made available to every citizen of the country by the government. 


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By typing this code or scanning it like a QR code, you will be able to get the exact location of the house. In this way, much of your work will be completed with the help of this code without having to feed the address. Digital maps can also be seen in this code.

How to make DAC?

At present, there are about 75 crore houses in India. A digital unique code will be created for all these houses. The DAC will do digital authentication for each address. Every household in the country will be uniquely identified to generate a digital address code.


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And the address will be linked to geospatial coordinates so that everyone's address can always be identified not by street or neighborhood but by a code consisting of numbers and letters. This code will be a permanent code.

How DAC will work?

Feedbacks were already sought on this proposal from the Department of Posts of Communications, whose deadline ended on November 20. In such a situation, soon every house will have a digital unique code. 

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It will replace the PIN code. It will act as a digital coordinate for every household. In the new system, each house will have a different code. That is, if there are 50 flats in a building, then each flat will have a different code. On the other hand, if two families live on two floors of a house, then two codes will be formed.


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what will be the benefit?

Online address verification of every house can be done. E-KYC of Banking, Insurance, Telecom will be made easy.

DAC can prove to be very helpful for a service like e-commerce.

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DAC will help a lot in implementing government schemes. It will also help in preventing incidents of fraud.

Assist in preparation of property, taxation, disaster management, and census and population registers.

The DAC will help fulfill the dream of One Nation One Address.


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