Monday, October 17, 2022

What Are 5G C-Bands? Know-How 5G Networks Are Responsible For Plane Crashes

Many countries around the world are launching next-generation 5G networks.
What Are 5G C-Bands? Know-How 5G Networks Are Responsible For Plane Crashes
What Are 5G C-Bands? Know-How 5G Networks Are Responsible For Plane Crashes


5G networks can also be launched in India by the middle of 2022. But before that, there are many concerns regarding 5G network. One such case has come to light in which the use of 5G C-band network for air travel has been described as dangerous. 

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Airlines of many countries, including Air India, have had to cancel flights to the US due to the 5G C-band network. This is due to the rollout of 5G C-band in the United States.

5 grams affected by flight

According to a Forbes report, the 5G C-band rollout in the United States this week could disrupt signals from onboard electronic equipment. 

According to the US aviation regulator Federal Aviation Administration (AFA), 5G C-band radio altimeters can affect engines and engine and braking systems, increasing the chances of a plane crash.

What is 5G C-Band?

5G C-band is a bandwidth that operates between 3.7GHz radio frequency and 4.2GHz radiofrequency. According to the aviation industry, aircraft radio altimeters operate on C-band frequencies. Whose occupation is to quantify the distance between the plane and the ground.

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This frequency is very important during landing. Especially when there is fog, snow, and rain on the ground, then the plane is landed with the help of a C band. In such cases, the 5G C-band can block all types of civil aircraft radar altimeters. These include commercial, transport aircraft, commercial, regional and general aviation. Helicopter flights may also be affected.

What do telcos think about the 5G C-band?

Looking at telecom companies, it is very important to bring C-band. In the world of telecommunications, this is called the Goldilock frequency. Which helps 5G networks to get higher speed data and more coverage

5G C-Band US Launch

The 5G C band was first introduced in the US. It was first acquainted with giving range to huge TV satellites. But there was no C-band for telecommunications. However, in March 2020, the FCC approved the use of the 3.7-3.98GHz band for the telecommunications sector.

Claims to block 5G C-band

However, 5G C-band blocking calls have been coming for some time now. In fact, it is claimed that the 5G C-band can affect the signal reaching the cockpit of the airline. 

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Which is anti-aircraft protection. In this case, a group of American Airlines has filed a petition seeking to block 5G C-band and implement a law on C-band rollout.

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