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'Cloud' awesome in computing


'Cloud' awesome in computing

Technology has not only made our lives easier but has also provided a new dimension to the development of the country and the world with improvement in living standards. In today's era, humans are completely dependent on science and technology. No area is untouched by technology. This time in the 'Technology' column we will talk about the word 'cloud' which is often heard in computing, the word cloud in computing

What is the story? 

The word was first used in 1996, but even today, the word is a puzzle to most people. A funny video from a few years ago went viral on the internet in which a journalist asked a former Income Tax Commissioner what cloud computing is. The Commissioner of Income Tax had nothing to do with the cloud, but when asked the question was bound to answer. He responded in terms of his understanding. He said that cloud computing means storing your data in 'clouds'. He also outlined the limitations of this technology, such as 'It works well in the forests but where there is a drought, there are a lot of problems.

You must be smiling The general concepts of the technology are also low in awareness level and hence there is a need to continuously discuss them. Cloud computing has nothing to do with clouds. If the Internet had to be shown as a picture, how would you show it? Would you make a web on the world map? Perhaps it would be easier to show it as a cloud covering the world. 

The same cloud that was previously shown as a picture of the Internet in the form of an image or symbol. It eventually came into being literally in 1996 when the term was used in the internal documents of computer company Compaq. So cloud does not mean thunder or rain cloud, but internet. And cloud computing means the use of resources placed on the Internet for its digital work.

You must have seen offices or educational institutions in which the computers connected are connected to each other. The systems connecting them are called networks. There are also many server computers in this network, which have more storage and processing capacity than ordinary computers. You may know that other computers connected to the network can access each other and they can also access server computers in the network. For example, if there is a printer with the server, then you can send a print command from any computer in the network which will first go to that server and from there to the printer. Even if you do not have a printer with your computer, but you are still able to take a printout. Some offices also have email servers.

The email that you enter or send to your computer goes through the same email server.

Similarly, there are some application servers. Suppose that your computer does not have software like Microsoft Word or Photoshop, but they are placed on a server. When you need it, you can access this software through the network while sitting at your computer. 

One such situation can happen when a hard disk of a very large size is placed on a server and all the people in the office are instructed that you will not store all your files in your computer but in that server computer.

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You must have understood this thing of computer, network, and server. Now you can use the resources of your computer as well as the resources of the servers placed on the network in almost the same way as they are in your own computer. This is network computing which is a very profitable deal. You did not have to install a printer with every computer, did not have to install software on every computer, did not have to install a large hard disk on every computer, and just by installing it in server computers, the work of the whole office was done. Money was also saved and control was also at one place, security was also high.

Now imagine if these server computers were put on the Internet instead of your network? Because the Internet is also a very large size network and you are connected to it. Will you still be able to use the resources of these servers? So this is cloud computing. That is, you are using such resources which are not on your computer but are present on the Internet. These resources can be the complete infrastructure along with computers, servers, and software. These are not available to you in physical form but are being provided as a service available on the cloud.

Today Internet connectivity has become so good that often you download files from the Internet in the same amount of time it takes to copy files from one place to another on your own computer. That is, whether you do some work locally or through the Internet, you do not feel any special difference. The resources you are using, whether you have them or are kept on the Internet, do not matter to you as long as your work continues smoothly. You have been doing this already.

When you check and send your email to Gmail, Outlook Mail, Hotmail, Rediff Mail or Yahoo Mail, etc. do you find any shortage anywhere? Of course not, however, all these email services work via the cloud. Even today, many offices have their own private email servers and the work of receiving and sending emails is done through special software installed in the computer. But you can do the same thing with your browser equally easily. 

This means that whether the work is done through the cloud or from your computer, there is no significant difference in their quality in modern times. You are doing many more such things through the cloud, which you probably do not realize. For example, going to the search engine, doing some search, translating from one language to another, changing the font of your documents (eg Kriti to Mangal), etc.

A fun example is Google Ad-Sense. If you have a website, blog or YouTube channel, etc., you can participate in the Google Ad-Sense program and then automatically start showing ads with your content. how did this happen? Neither you booked the advertisements, nor designed them, but still, the advertisements are coming on your website and you are also earning. 

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In fact, all this is being conducted on the cloud. Nowadays, many people go to websites like 'Canvas and design various types of cards, letterheads, logos, book covers, and advertisements, without the presence of any graphics software on their computers. Some people are editing online videos and some are making animations. All this is also amazing for the cloud, which has made the distance between online and offline irrelevant.

The resources on the cloud can be divided into three major parts - SAS (Software Edge a Service), PAS. (Stage as a Service) and IAS (Infrastructure as a Service). Software Edge A service means that you can use Microsoft Word, Photoshop, any video editing software, or similar software through the cloud without installing it into your computer. Many people use Google documents. It became the first category of cloud services. 

If you develop software but access the platform or components (parts) used in their development through the cloud, then that platform will be called Edge a Service. Similarly, if you use a comprehensive platform (which includes hundreds of types of software, hardware, and services), it will be called Infrastructure Edge A service, such as Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Compute Cloud. Here you will be using and managing the entire computing structure of your institute or company through the internet. Today you started the company, today took the services and from yesterday the work of the company started.


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BEST WAY TO Increase the scope of your internet search


BEST WAY TO Increase the scope of your internet search

Everything is available on the Internet. From books to questions and answers; Till, search engines are available for everyone from news, music, jobs, and airfares to the purchase and sale of property and marriage. If you want better search results then go to these search engines other than Google

Even today for some of us, Internet search means searching for content within web pages. By broad, content means text (text), images and videos, etc. Common computer and mobile users have been searching for more things in the past few years, such as location (via 'Maps') and occasional news. Many of us know that Google is not the only search engine. But few people know that there are many types of search engines. What can be discovered in these is not limited to mere content.

If we talk about search engines other than Google, then Microsoft's Bing search engine is the most prominent among them. Both have almost the same features, such as web search, a search of pictures, news, videos, etc. Both also feature 'Maps'. Apart from these, some other popular search engines are Yahoo, Baidu (China), Ask, AOL, Duck Duck Go, etc. Alta Vista, Dogpile, and Lycos are also good search engines, and many people like them more. 

Apart from these, there is also an open directory project in which the method of searching is different. It has a directory, which is divided into several categories, sub-categories, and sub-categories, etc. In this, you start from the top and reach the web page of your choice. Come, let us know what other things are being discovered on the Internet.

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News search engines: 

Many search engines provide news including Google and Bing. On their home page, you will see a compilation of news of the day divided into several categories. If you are looking for particular news, then search by entering some keywords related to it. The news related to that topic will appear. is also an interesting destination for news, articles, and other such readable content.

Question and Answer Search Engine: 

A few months ago the Hindi version of was launched. Here, if you search on your favorite subjects, then people will get to read the questions asked and the answers given by other people. Yahoo Answers (, Amazon Askville, and ( are also interesting websites for asking questions and reading answers.

Job search engines:

If you are looking for a job, then instead of a search engine like Google, go to search engines which are specially designed for job search. (, (, and ( are quite popular in India. If you want more options, you can try Indeed ( and

Bridesmaid search engine:

Did you not hear the names of Bharat Matrimony (, Jeevansathi (, and ( These are portals used to search for relationships, where relationship search is also available. Enter the information about the age, caste, religion of the marriage or the woman you are looking for, and the results will be present.

Air Fare Search Engine:

Are you looking for cheap fares for any of your air journeys? Then you should take the services of Yatra (, Makemytrip (, Cleartrip (, and Goibibo ( Today, on how many routes, fares are running, which flights are available and better fares are available at which times, all such information will be available here. These do not just search engines, but service websites, but search engines are their backbone.

Hotel Search Engine: 

The hotel search engine called Trivago ( has come under a lot of discussions due to its interesting television advertisements. Apart from this, rooms available in hotels can also be searched on (, Expedia ( and Hotels ( However, most search engines and portals searching for airfares also offer hotel searches.

Book search engine: 

If you are fond of reading good books, you can take the help of Bookfinder ( and Google Books ( If you are interested in buying books, search on Amazon or try If you want to download PDF books for free, then PDF SearchEngine (, FreePDF (, and PDFDrive ( are good places for you.

Research Search Engine: 

Academics, scholars, researchers, etc. require the latest research material for their research and teaching. Researchgate, to which nearly 150 million researchers are connected, is the best place to find and download research material. You can also do a search on Google Scholars if you want. Another popular destination is Before searching on Researchgate and Academia you will need to create your account which can be created free of charge.

Property Search Engine: 

Popular search engines for real estate search in India include IndiaProperty (, Magicbricks (, and 99 Acres ( Apart from these, you can search for land, flats, offices, etc. of your choice in any part of the country on houses ( and housing (

Music Search Engine: 

Are You Looking For Good Music? You can search by searching on Mio (, Gana (, jiosavan (, and Hungama ( Whether your choice is classical or film, folk music or western, these music search websites will not disappoint you. By the way, people do a lot of searching on YouTube for music as well. So these were some special search engines. However, the list can be very long, because there are also search engines on the web searching for people, vehicles, social media comments, blogs, health, shopping, goods, recipes, etc. Moreover, local search engines have also come up to search in their vicinity. 

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