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Watsapp allow you to hide photo, status, etc

 Whatsapp Update: Watsapp allow you to hide photo, status, etc
Watsapp allow you to hide photo, status, etc
Watchstrap allow you to hide photo, status, etc

One of the most popular messaging and talking systems, Whats App has released a new update for its desktop clients via the official beta channel.

As per the release note, the update brings to version number 2.2149.1. In future updates, Whats App will add an option to select "Exclude my contacts ..." for privacy settings. Infotainment tweeted about the situation, "What's new in Whats app Desktop Beta 2.2149.1? In future updates, Whats App will add an option to select" Without my contact ... "for your privacy settings. Read more iOS and Android Activation Next Expected date.

 After implementing some new methods to protect user privacy, Whats App is now working on the ability to specify" My contact acknowledges ... "for your privacy settings in Whats App web / desktop!" According to Infotainment. According to the source, the "Accept My Contacts ..." option will be available for last viewing, about and profile photos. When you select "Without my contacts ..." you can specify who can't see your information on Whats App.


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According to Infotainment, once the same feature is fully launched in Whats App's Android beta and iOS beta, the feature is likely to roll out on the Whats App web / desktop. Also, although the "Accept My Contacts ..." feature has already been enabled for their Whats App account, beta testers will not be able to view or select "Without My Contacts ..." on the Whats App web / desktop.


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However, no timeline has been set for when the feature will be available to more iOS and Android users.

In addition, Whats App is working to build community in anticipation of future releases. The latest update, which comes with version, will be distributed through the Google Play Beta program.

Infotainment reported the situation to his followers on Twitter. "What's new in Whats App Beta for Android For future upgrades, Whats App is working to build community!" It sent a tweet.

Before adding a group to a community, provide a name and optional description according to their information. Also, no timetable has been set for when this feature will be available to beta testers.


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Can you hide your photo on Whats-app?

Absolutely, Whats App provides users with the option to hide their profile photos. This feature allows individuals to control who sees their profile picture, providing a sense of privacy and security. By adjusting privacy settings, users can limit photo visibility to contacts only, ensuring that their image is not accessible to strangers or unwanted individuals. This simple yet effective feature adds an extra layer of control to users' personal information, fostering a more secure and customization experience on the messaging platform. So, if you value your privacy, Whats App allows you to manage who gets a glimpse of your profile photo.

Can you hide status on Whats App?

Certainly, Whats App offers users the ability to control the visibility of their status updates, adding a layer of privacy to their digital presence. By adjusting privacy settings, individuals can choose who sees their status, be it "Available," "Busy," or a custom message. This feature is valuable for maintaining discretion and sharing updates only with desired contacts. Whether you wish to share your status with everyone, only specific contacts, or no one at all, Whats App empowers users to tailor their communication experience. This customization approach to status visibility enhances privacy and ensures that personal updates are shared selectively on the platform.

Can you choose who sees your Whats App picture?

Absolutely, Whats App enables users to exercise control over who sees their profile picture. With privacy settings, individuals can choose to share their profile photo with everyone, only with their contacts, or with a select group. This feature empowers users to manage the visibility of their image, ensuring it is shared only with those they are comfortable sharing it with. By allowing such customization, Whats App prioritizes user privacy, providing a secure and personalized experience. Whether you prefer a more public presence or a selective sharing approach, Whats App gives you the flexibility to decide who has access to your profile picture on the platform.



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