Monday, October 17, 2022

Get Beware of Phishing Links

 Beware of Phishing Links
Get Beware of Phishing Links
Get Beware of Phishing Links

Hackers have once again become active with phishing links to hack accounts on various video streaming platforms including email accounts and social media IDs. Several international hacker groups are actively targeting the Bangladesh region in particular. And so beware of these phishing links.

Cyber ​​experts say that hackers create a kind of weblink by closely matching the link of a secure and legitimate website. This website is basically created by hackers and all control over it is done by hackers.

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The user is asked to enter the Account ID-Password while entering that link to make it look like the original site. And once given to them, the necessary information passes to the hacker to take control of the account on the original site. The link by which the hacker takes the user to his website is called 'Phishing Link'.

Cyber ​​security analysts have recently identified some such phishing scams in Asia countries. One of these is to take possession of a Gmail account and Netflix ID.

The heart of Cyber ​​71 director Abdullah Al Jaber, himself a 'moral programmer'. "Through phishing accounts, we have recently been able to confirm that 15 Gmail accounts have been hacked in Bangladesh,” he said. We have recaptured three of these. Work is going on with the rest. Hackers ask to 'fix' various aspects of the account by sending mail to the user's mail inbox. Failure to do so will result in the temporary closure of the account. 

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Basically, the user enters the link after being confused by the term. On login, the user is asked to enter a new user ID and password. When the client gives it,  all the information on that account goes to the hacker if it is only controlled by the server. And imagine what would happen if such an ID went under the control of a hacker.

Another network protection investigator, if a website is duplicated by a professional web designer and developer, a normal internet user will often not understand them. And if you visit a site with a phishing link and provide your information, they can undoubtedly become important. Android-based smartphone users are at higher risk than Windows PC users. 

The link is not seen on Android because of the URL. Phishing is a very old hacking technique. In the case of mail, the mail server 'spams' several phishing sites. However, there are some newer phishing scams where the phishing link bypasses the spam folder and goes directly to the user's inbox. And the user is also clicking on set considering it as normal mail.

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