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These Tricks Can Make Your Name Disappear On WhatsApp Profile

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app owned by Meta, has been testing a number of features lately. Cross-messaging platform updates its app 
These Tricks Can Make Your Name Disappear On WhatsApp Profile
These Tricks Can Make Your Name Disappear On WhatsApp Profile

To enhance the user experience.

One of the weirdest things you can do is ignore it. technically you can't avoid the extra step

Your name, however, you can try this trick to hide your name or leave it blank for privacy purposes. 

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The process sounds simple, but how do you get started? The steps are simple and you don't need to move the stick to make your name disappear. Here

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How to make your name disappear on WhatsApp

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp ideally does not allow users to leave their name field blank, but there are some policies that can help you do so. Here

Instructions to - WhatsApp will before long permit you to share media documents as status while sharing a talk.

Step 1- First launch Whatsapp application on your mobile or pc

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Step 2: Next, copy these two symbols: Symbol:=>

Step 3 Then go to the Settings option

Step 4- Name your current WhatsApp and then tap on the pencil icon

Step 5- Now paste the character you copied earlier

Step 6- Then move arrow-like (=> ) and release the second symbol (,) select the ok button to change your name. so your name will disappear.

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Another trick is to try to hide your name. Here's how to do it 1: Copy it() and then go to WhatsApp

Stage 2: Go to Settings, Tap on Profile and Discard Your Name

Step 3: Then paste() and click on the save option. When your friends tap on your profile, they will see a blank space.


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